Qualities To Demand Your Holiday Accommodation Offers… And Solutions If It Doesn’t!

Qualities To Demand Your Holiday Accommodation Offers… And Solutions If It Doesn’t! When it comes to booking accommodation for vacations, there will be a few obvious things you insist on it offering. It needs to be safe and secure, obviously, as well as clean and well-maintained. But what about the less obvious things? Read on for a list of features you should always be looking for in your lo

Amazing views

This might sound like a really minor point, but an incredible view can really make a vacation extra special. It can be the first thing you want to take a photo of to upload on Instagram and tell your friends about. However, by that same token, a bad view (or no view at all) can really put a dampener on your stay. You especially don’t want to be facing a brick wall when staying in a city of such incredible views, like NYC or Brazil! And you should always splash out the extra for a view on a cruise ship! Be sure to check out what the view is before booking.

Transport links

So, say you’re staying in a city that relies heavily on transport to get around, like San Diego where we are heading in June next year. First, make a list of your preferred vacation rentals in San Diego. Then, check on a map where exactly the rental is, and what the closest transport is. After all, do you really want the nicest accommodation in the world for a city break if it is 30-minutes walk away from everything? Even if you’re fit enough to handle that walk, that will still eat into your vacation time. Plus, you may even discover it is right on a transport line, which will be useful to know if you are easily affected by noise at night.

Peace and quiet

You can read all the promises in the world about how an apartment is peaceful and quiet. What is important is why? If it is right in the middle of a full apartment block, you’ll have neighbours on every side of you. Maybe even above you, too! There is simply no way that a company can guarantee this will all be quiet. But if they are, maybe it is because the rest of the people in the block are elderly. Or, every room has triple glazing installed on the windows. Of course, you should always pack earplugs just in case these promises don’t come true.

Great reviews

Again, a company can have the nicest look website and the best sounding descriptions of their vacation rental. But what is far more important than a great content writer and web designer is what previous customers think of their rentals. Google the name of the company you are thinking about renting with, and check these out. Then try looking for the name of the apartment block, along with the word ‘review’. A fantastic place to find honest reviews on a company and its offerings is on Facebook. Here, people can write as honestly as they want, and know that it is being published on the site. Look out for reviews that sound like they are just trying to pick a fight. Pay attention to the ones that weigh up the pros and cons, and have full and legitimate explanations behind a complaint. Remember that pretty much no company will get 100% glowing reviews, but close is good!

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