USA: 5 Gorgeous Mountain Ranges to Visit

USA: 5 Gorgeous Mountain Ranges to Visit

When you think of taking a trip to America, the big cities, beautiful beaches or even the theme parks that the country is famous for are likely to jump initially to mind. However, America is also fortunate to have a myriad of awe-inspiring mountain ranges scattered throughout its landscape. Because each offers a distinctive look and terrain, they are all worth visiting, especially if hiking or various ‘winter’ sports are your thing. Here are five of the most gorgeous mountain ranges to visit in America:

Rocky Mountains

This stunning mountain range stretches across a multitude of states as well as Canada, but the most popular resort destinations showcasing this range are in Colorado. Mt. Elbert in Colorado is the range’s highest peak, towering in at 14,440 feet. Some of the best snow skiing and snowboarding on the continent happens in the Rocky Mountains, making it an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

Smoky Mountains

Image Source: Smoky Mountains by Owners

Sprawling across North Carolina and Tennessee, the gorgeous Smoky Mountains are known for their diverse wildlife and plant viewing opportunities. Visitors delight in the animal sightings in Cades Cove, boasting an abundance of black bears, coyotes, deer, and turkeys. The scenic Foothills Parkway offers a number of waterfall viewing experiences. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to over 90 historic structures including old schools, churches, and log cabins.

Cascade Mountains

Extending from British Columbia through Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, this range is synonymous with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. As part of the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire, the range contains a number of volcanoes. The highest peak in the range is the spectacular Mt. Rainier, standing guard over Seattle and Tacoma at 14,411 feet.

White Mountains

White Mountain - Gorgeous Mountain Ranges in USA

Image Source: White Mountain by ActiveRain

There is no better place to experience the splendour of a New England fall than in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Although not as large as some of the other more famous mountain ranges, the White Mountains offer a quaint visiting experience. The iconic Mt. Washington rises to a height of 6,288 feet, making it an accessible mountain to hike. As part of the Northern Appalachian Mountains, the historic Appalachian Trail runs through part of this range.

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Stretching through California and into Nevada, this range boasts the highest peak in the contiguous United States with Mt. Whitney clocking in at 14,505 feet. The range is also home to Lake Tahoe, the biggest alpine lake in the country.

The beauty and power of Mother Nature are on full display throughout all of America’s majestic mountain range. Offering sweeping views and countless outdoor recreational opportunities, there is something for everyone out in the mountains.

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