August 2018 – Monthly Round Up

August 2018 – Monthly Round Up

Happy September! We are hurtling into Autumn and do you know what? We’re ok with that. After an amazing summer, the thought of cosiness is really appealing. You know what I mean – nights in with hot chocolate, binge watching a box set with ALL the candles lit, perfect. We say that now, but once it becomes too cold, we’ll be scouring Skyscanner for flights to hotter climes instantly. Anyway, we digress, August – how was it for you? We didn’t really do much. It was very much a be at home and relax month, although saying that we have just signed on the dotted line to have an extension built on our house. Therefore, our savings and subsequently, our travel fund took a massive knock. Gonna have to work like little trojans for the next year or so to get the pot full again as we have lots of places we would like to visit as soon as we are able (adoption dependant of course – we have no further information in that situation at the moment – boo). Anyway, August, not the most fast-paced month we’ve had this year, but still a jolly good one.


Southport, England

Southport, England

Southport, England

Southport, England

August was a pretty quiet month for us travel wise. We intentionally did not book or commit to any foreign jaunts. However, we did cross the country and visit the seaside town of Southport on the West coast of England. We had a lovely time wandering down the pier, shopping, playing in the amusements, visiting The Atkinson (a theatre/museum venue) and eating great food. Even though it was a blustery Bank Holiday weekend we found more than enough to keep us occupied and really got into the seaside spirit. In fact, I wish we’d had more time to explore the surrounding area further.


Mr ESLT celebrated his birthday in the middle of the month. As we had his mum and step-dad visiting, we headed out, together with his brother for a lovely meal at a local restaurant. Even though he had a great day, he didn’t receive a present from me (nothing new there). Instead, I am taking him away for a week in the middle of September to celebrate.

Upcoming Travels

Inside Airplane

Munich, Germany

So, first up on our week away to celebrate Mr ESLT’s birthday is Munich. Even though he visited with his friends for his 40th birthday a few years ago, he can’t really remember that much about it. Therefore, this time we are going to do all the touristy stuff and I have a number of tours booked for the 4 days we are in the city. My cousin Hannah is also coming with us and it is her birthday while we are there. So we will be raising a stein or two to both the birthday beauties. Fingers crossed the weather cheers up, as the forecast is looking pretty bleak at the moment (boooo).

Salzburg, Austria

We will then take a train from Munich to Salzburg and into our 75th country – Austria. With a couple of days in Salzburg and a day trip booked to Hallstatt, we are really looking forward to seeing what our first visit to Austria has in store for us. It looks beautiful and we can’t wait to see it up close ourselves. As none of us has ever seen The Sound of Music (shocking I know) we will be swerving the tours that focus on the film as we won’t have a clue what we are looking at. Again, the weather forecast is not looking great, but it still has time to change. We’re keeping our fingers tightly crossed!

Travel Planning

Laptop research

Lake District, England

A pretty quiet month on the travel planning front this month apart from getting everything booked for Munich and Salzburg, of course. However, we have managed to slip a little break in at the end of November to the Lake District. We are going to spend a weekend getting back to nature and relaxing in a hot tub at the Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat with Darwin Escapes followed by a luxurious spa break at Wordsworth Hotel and Spa. A perfect pick me up if the weather is not great.

Competitions, money-saving and cash back codes

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Travel Blogger Interview

Having tried to go from one interview per week to one interview per month, we have now decided not to feature any further interviews. Unfortunately, it was becoming more hassle than it was worth and also very time consuming for us. Therefore, they are no more! Thank you to every travel blogger who took part in our interview series over the past 3 years, it was great getting to know you better 🙂

If there is anything, in particular, you would like to see on our blog or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us –

Until next month…… travels

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