Adventure Planning? Don’t Rule Out These Destinations

Adventure Planning? Don’t Rule Out These Destinations

There are some really great destinations dotted around the world. We’re talking about the destinations that are most popular, the ones that people all over the world are obsessed with visiting. But, there are also some countries that many people seem to avoid. Whether it’s because they don’t think the country has much to offer, or it wouldn’t be family friendly. However, before you rule out a destination, we urge you to take a few minutes to read this article. Because, no matter what country you go to, you’re always going to find that it has something to offer.

Whether it be a rich amount of history, or whether it be the fun that you’ll be able to have there as a family. People are always so wrong to assume that some countries wouldn’t be family friendly, or suitable for a romantic holiday etc. But, if you delve deeper into the country you would have once dismissed, we know that you’ll find it has so much to offer. So, we want to show you some of the destinations that might not be considered for whatever reason, and why you should visit them!


Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is huge in comparison to other parts of Indonesia, and it stands proud as Indonesia’s capital. However, because Indonesia is such a vast and beautiful place, Jakarta isn’t usually on the list of places to visit. Some of the more popular areas always seem to get the tourism, when Jakarta has so much more to offer. Because it’s a bustling city that’s now having more of a business focus, you’ll find that the city is always busy and full of life. However, if you head outwards slightly, you will see some of the best scenery that Jakarta has to offer. People with children definitely wouldn’t usually consider visiting a destination like this, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. It’s a great place for families, and we promise there is plenty to do. That’s why so many people decide to set up shop here.

It’s such a good island for everything you could want to do, whether it be relaxation or adventure. If you were to get a holiday home here, your children would have endless fun as they are growing up! If you check out, you’ll find many examples of places you would be able to purchase and use as a holiday home, or even rent it out to try and make a bit of extra money. If you’re worried about what you would be able to do with the kids, the Ragunan Zoo will definitely keep them entertained. Or you could visit the Dunia Fantasi. A little amusement park with beautiful grounds for you to stroll around, and some thrilling rides for the kids. Other than that, the general sightseeing that you would be able to do would no doubt interest them! There’s just so much for their inquisitive minds to explore!


Taj Mahal, India

There are a number of different reasons why people decide to not take a trip to India. We’ll start by listing them and then by telling you why you should be ignoring it all. The first thing that people seem to complain about is the weather. If you go to India during their summer, you can expect to see temperatures soar to well into the 40s. For some of you, this will be heat that your skin has never experienced before. If you were to travel with children, it would be near enough impossible to head out during the daytime. If you go at the opposite end of the year, you’ll find flash floods, storms, and whatever else the world wants to throw at you.

However, if you go around November, you’ll have perfect weather! Plus, there’s just so much to do whilst you’re there, no matter what part you decide to visit. You could go to the Taj Mahal, which really is a wonder to stand before, or you could for a stroll down the Ganges. Don’t rule India out because of the weather or culture that they have. Some of the hotels are so beautiful and offer a 5* experience. The food is absolutely amazing, and the hustle and bustle of Indian life will leave you amazed.


Zanzibar, Africa

Africa is arguably one of the most beautiful continents in the world. Some parts of Africa however, get such bad press because of the violence and the perceived danger that it brings. However, if you steer clear of those areas, you really will have the most beautiful holiday. Picture yourself on a jeep safari travelling along one of the many nature reserves they have. The sun is setting in the background, and you have some of the world’s most amazing wildlife wondering around you, happily in their natural habitat.

If you go to the right places in Africa, this is what you’re going to get. If you head to Tanzania or Zanzibar, you’ll be able to find lovely lodge accommodation where you will be treated like a king or queen, and you’ll have all of the safari opportunities you can wish for. If you were to head to Tanzania, you could wonder to Mount Kilimanjaro, and stand in the presence of Africa’s largest mountain!


Kremlin, Russia

Russia definitely has had and does have a lot of bad press. With the lead up to the recent world cup, there was a lot of speculation as to whether the Russian police would go in hard on football fans. However, they were told to ease off, and not to react as they would usually. Russia is known to be a strict country, but it’s one that holds the key to so many different beauties. If you were to go when it was snowing, you would have that many amazing picture opportunities due to the incredible architecture. However, no matter what time of year you are going to go, there’s plenty to see. You could have a look at the Moscow Kremlin, or have a mooch around Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Don’t rule Russia out because of its reputation, go and explore it!

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