Carry On Entertainment Essentials When Flying on a Budget Airline

Carry On Entertainment Essentials When Flying on a Budget Airline

Come on, let’s be honest, budget airlines aren’t that great are they? But when you can get a £10 flight to somewhere, I suppose we can’t grumble (although I always do). With extra fees for everything – hold bag, reserved seat, priority boarding and food and drink (also, do you remember when it was rumoured that a certain budget airline was going to start charging their customers to use the toilets?) and you can forget about any inflight entertainment. Basically, you get a seat and that’s it. Fine – we all know what we’re paying for, we can’t expect a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. I always ensure that I pack enough in my hand luggage to keep myself entertained throughout the flight. I personally like to have a variety of things, sometimes I only use one, sometimes all – usually dependant on length of flight.

iPod (or other MP3 Player)

Music is a massive thing for me. In fact the first thing I do in a morning is press play on my latest playlist and have a little boogie as I get ready for the day ahead. I also need to have music playing when working – I’m just not a fan of silence. Most budget airline planes make a lot of noise, so I like nothing more that sitting back and listening to my tunes on my iPod Touch and blocking out my surroundings. In some cases it even helps me fall asleep, which as a nervous flyer is great as it makes the flight pass quicker.

iPad (or other Tablet)

I love a box set and always have one on the go. I can quite easily chill out on the sofa and watch one episode after another for hours on end. I used to find that there would be a massive cliffhanger just before I was about to fly off for a break, how could I possibly live for four days without finding out what happens next? It was tough! So now I ensure that I download my current box set on my iPad before I jet off so I can catch up on an episode or two whilst whizzing through the sky.


fFlat5 Aria One Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

fFlat5 Aria One Bluetooth Wireless Earphones*

Of course at home I can have my iPod and iPad turned up as loud as I like. That of course would not go down well on a packed flight. Therefore, it is imperative that I pack my earphones. With space (and weight) being limited when only travelling with a carry on, small accessories are always a winner. The fFlat5 Aria One Bluetooth Wireless Earphones* could not be smaller. They fit snugly in my ears and block out all noise around me, it also means sound doesn’t escape, therefore I don’t annoy the person sat next to me. They also come in a rechargeable case so I can give them a blast of charge if the power starts to run low during my flight. Just remember not to use them during take off and landing.

Kindle (or other E-reader)

I love my Kindle and I love to read, I just don’t have that much time to do it. In fact I usually only read when I’m on an aeroplane, meaning it can take me months if not a year to finish one book. Nevertheless before every flight I ensure that I download half a dozen new reads. I find reading as a great way of unwinding, so if the stress levels are sky-high because I am high in the sky, then I flick on my kindle and try to submerge myself in whatever chick lit novella I am currently working my way through.

(Trashy) Magazines

I’ll let you into a secret, I used to be addicted to trashy magazines. I couldn’t go a day without buying one to get my fix of celebrity gossip. Luckily for my self-induced decaying brain (and my bank balance), I now only buy magazines when I take a flight. Therefore, I only get a Kim Kardashian update once a month. By submerging myself in someone else’s life one article at a time, looking at what’s hot fashion wise for next season and even completing the sudoku games in the back, I find magazines a great distraction.

Water & snacks

Even if I have eaten and drank in the airport I always ensure I take (too many) snacks on board with me together with a big bottle of water – it is after all vital that you stay hydrated when flying. Even though I might not be hungry in the slightest I alway buy my favourite sweets, but then again you don’t have to be hungry to trough through an entire packet of Haribo though, right? Plus, for those who have flown on a budget airline, we know they charge the earth for the tiniest tube of Pringles. So I not only think about my stomach but about saving a few pennies too.

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    • November 15, 2016 / 10:25 pm

      Thank you. I’m packing for my trip to Iceland next week and must remember to take everything with me – flights can be sooo boring, can’t they?

      • November 15, 2016 / 10:33 pm

        YES! Flights are killer. I always bring my laptop so I can at least write some blog posts while I’m sitting there haha

        • July 30, 2017 / 4:17 pm

          I really struggle to concentrate enough on a plane to blog, I think that’s because I’m a nervous flyer. A great place to blog from though, especially long haul, I imagine you can get loads written ?