Everything You Should Know About Taking an Independent Island Hopping Holiday

Catamaran Cruising and Island Hopping

It’s increasingly common for people to spend their holidays out on the water sailing between different islands. It’s a good way of kicking back, seeing a few different places and getting away from the confines and trappings of ordinary life. There are some things you should know and understand before you set off on your island hopping holiday though. You don’t want to derail your holiday just because you didn’t know what you were getting into.

Plan Your Route in Advance

The first decision you need to make is where in the world you want to island hop – the Caribbean, Greece, Thailand – the world is your oyster. There are probably many different routes you can take between the various islands and coastlines you’re thinking of visiting, but don’t leave it all to chance and plan it on the go. You will make far better use of your time and get the most out of your trip if you plan out your route fully in advance.

Ensure Your Boat is Up to the Job

The boat you take out with you is going to need to be up to the job if you want to prevent any nasty surprises along the way. Find a good catamaran hire company because those boats offer the space and security you need. Have a look around and be sure that you’re getting the right deal and the most sturdy and reliable boat possible, especially if you are planning on sailing what are considered more dangerous waters. It will be the difference between an enjoyable holiday and a disaster.

Pack Light

Even if your boat might look big on the outside, there won’t be a great deal of storage space for you to make use of during your holiday. That’s why it’s so important to pack light for your trip; if you try to take too much with you, your living space will get all clogged up and the trip won’t be as enjoyable. You don’t need to take much with you, other than your clothes and other basics.

Take Time to Get Used to Boat Life

If you’re not used to sailing, don’t expect it to all go smoothly right away because you’ll only be disappointed, as with everything – practice makes perfect. You will have to acclimatise to the feeling of being on the boat as it’s moving and swaying from side to side. It’s best to stay away from the drinks (if you can!) on the first couple of nights because alcohol and rocking boats don’t combine well. But you will get used to it eventually.

Make the Most of the Sun but Stay Protected

You will be really exposed to the sun when you’re out sailing on your boat. On the one hand, that makes it ideal for sunbathing and when your boat is anchored and still, there are few things more relaxing than laying back in the sun. However, you should be careful because you don’t want to damage your skin or even be on the receiving end of sunstroke (been there and it’s not nice!). So, protect your skin and use the shade wisely throughout the day.

Cruising between various islands and enjoying your time on the seas can be incredibly relaxing when you do it right. If that’s how you want to spend next summer, take this advice into account and start planning your trip now. 

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