Guest Interview – Paris Wolfe on Travel + Food

Guest Interview – Paris Wolfe on Travel + Food

This week’s guest post comes from Paris, travel blogger behind Paris Wolfe on Travel + Food. Paris is an award-winning writer with an advanced degree in communications. A native of Northeast Ohio snow country, she’s lived in small towns and big cities, She’s naturally curious about people and places. She listens to the voices of others and appreciates what they have to offer.

1. What is your name and where do you come from?

Paris Wolfe. I’m from Northeast Ohio, just a few miles south of Lake Erie and 40 minutes west of Cleveland.

2. What sort of traveler are you? Full time / part time / business / backpacker etc?

Depends on the season. When my boyfriend retires in January 2018, we’re hitting the road in our Tiffin Phaeton Motorhome. Winter is coming to the North and we plan to escape into the sun until Spring returns. So, we’re full-timing in winter, part-timing the rest of the year.

3. How do you fund your travelling?

Travel writing for publications and work.

4. Where is the best place you have ever been and why?

Wherever I am today because I’m in the moment creating the latest adventure. I love the Rocky Mountains, the Atlantic Ocean, Venice, Epernay, New Orleans.  

5. Where is the worst place you have ever been and why?

A public bathroom in Italy that was simply a hole in the floor. Because I’m not good at squatting and balancing.

6. Do you have a Bucket List? If so where are the 3 top places on it?

Nope. My travel bucket list would be impossibly long. I want to see the Grand Canyon this winter and perhaps motorcycle and eat through Asia at some point. I would also like to see the Middle East for insight into how different/same we are and to shop for exotic things.

7. What 3 things (apart from the essentials – food/water etc) do you always travel with?

My smart phone, charging cord and charging stick.

8. What makes you happy and why?

Food … I love trying new foods and learning about their history and role in the culture.

9. How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I’ve had a herb blog for 2.5 years and a travel blog for one year. I’ve been writing about travel longer, but only recently repurposed the research into digital format. My original goal was to market my print stories, but now I’m looking to reach more people with information about the world outside their hometowns.  I believe Tennessee Williams’s  quote and I want to change the world …

“I think that hate is a feeling that can only exist where there is no understanding.”

10. What makes your blog unique and why should people read it?

I want to make the world a smaller place by sharing history, activities and food. I want to make the unfamiliar less intimidating. I want to show that everywhere is interesting and significant. It’s easy to find adventure in exotic locales, but adventure and meaning are available around the next corner if you’re aware. I want to do things that are accessible to everyone and affordable to most. I want to share happiness and fun.

From ESLT – thank you Paris for taking the time to answer our questions. Safe Travels 🙂
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