Guest Interview – Bonnie In Wonderland

Guest Interview – Bonnie In Wonderland

This week’s guest post comes from Bonnie, travel blogger behind Bonnie In Wonderland. She explains ‘Hi, I’m a country bumpkin having a love affair with the big smoke. I’m of Anglo-Swedish heritage. This mix of nature and nurture mean I’m always down for tea, love a good queue and foraging & good produce are kind of my thing. By day I work with numbers, by night I chill with my dogs, boyfriend, friends and keep up a weekly blog post.’

1. What is your name and where do you come from?

I’m Bonnie. I was born in Sweden, but have always lived on the outskirts of London.

2. What sort of traveller are you? Full time / part time / business / backpacker etc?

As I work full-time in London I’m a travel whenever wherever I can kinda girl. Which luckily for me is rather often, with a few UK trips involved in my job and a few more exotic in my spare time. I do a bit of a mix of budget and luxury travel, depending on where I’m going and who I’m going with.

3. How do you fund your travelling?

From the aforementioned full-time job I fund my unforsacable wanderlust.

4. Where is the best place you have ever been and why?

Now this is a tricky one, as it probably changes daily. I’m going to take London and Stockholm out of the mix, because I think I’m bias about those two.

For North America I think Chicago was pretty amazing not only as a city, but it’s where we were part of our first friends wedding.

In Europe, Skagen in northern most Denmark is pretty high up on my list, the sunsets there are absolutely incredible and the seafood is fresh and vesty! Venice also stole my heart and I’ve visited three times in 5 years, I normally want to explore different places, but Venice just keeps drawing me back.

I haven’t explored much of Asia at all, but Koh Samui was beautiful. Although, it is sad to see how commercialised these beautiful little islands are becoming.

5. Where is the worst place you have ever been and why?

I thought the previous question was difficult…

I can’t say I’ve ever been anywhere and hated it, I’ve always found something to enjoy. I never felt safe in Naples, but it was still a beautiful city, rich in history.

6. Do you have a Bucket List? If so where are the 3 top places on it?

Yes, of course I have a bucket list (I kind of love lists). Of the ones I haven’t ticked off yet I’ve narrowed it down to:

Borneo, somewhere I’ve inherited an obsession with from my mother. I want to do an eco tour around, exploring the culture of Borneo and of course seeing the orangutans in their natural habitat.

New Zealand, because that’s just the dream trekking situation, which seems to feature heavily in travel of late and everyone who goes just gushes about its natural beauty.

Canadian Lake Louise, just looks so serene. Ever since Patrick sent me a postcard back from there I’ve been hell bent on going!

7. What 3 things (apart from the essentials – food/water etc) do you always travel with?

Funny you should ask I wrote a post about essentials, but if I were to narrow it down to three: Moisturiser is always a must for travel, a good book and of course my camera.

8. What makes you happy and why?

Views, I have a real thing for being up high and seeing beautiful vistas that just spreads a smile across my face.

Food, I get far too excited at the idea if trying new cuisines, cooking techniques or restaurants.

9. How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I started blogging 3 years ago, because I loved reading food and travel posts and thought, why not share my own experiences. Soon I found out writing it was just as fun as reading others!

10. What makes your blog unique and why should people read it?

After a recent brainstorming session with my friend, we’ve got big plans to re-brand to make my blog a bit more me. If you like the sound of a rustic feel blog, full of foraged and wholesome recipes, foodie reviews and as much travel as I can squeeze into my annual leave, I’m your gal!

From ESLT – thank you Bonnie for taking the time to answer our questions. Safe Travels 🙂

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  1. July 12, 2017 / 7:46 pm

    OMG, I’m the same re being up high and seeing great views! I love hill walking for just that reason, but in a city my go to place is the castle, cathedral tower, high rise skyscraper viewing platform or local beauty spot – wherever gives that perfect view of the city!
    Good luck with the re-brand! Tilly x