England: The Mystery Lover’s Guide to London

England: The Mystery Lover’s Guide to London

We’re lovers of historical mystery and secrets, here. We’ve already covered some of the most ancient and mysterious places you can find exploring the British countryside. But you can’t assume that’s the only place you’ll find it. Britain’s greatest city (or one of them) has a whole side under the surface. Here, we’ll look at some of the best places to visit in London if you’re a lover of the more mysterious aspects of history like us.

The streets of the most infamous

Nowadays, the stories of Jack the Ripper seem like they’ve come right from a Penny Dreadful. There’s scandal, there’s suspense, there’s blood, and there’s a bit of sauciness for the imaginative. But we’re all well removed from the reality of his existence now. If you want to give yourself a bit of a fright and challenge that conviction, then you should really consider taking a Jack the Ripper tour. You’ll explore the same streets he prowled as you’re told the most historically accurate recounting of the times and how this most famous of serial killers confounded the city, the police and has confounded the whole world since.

A wizard’s hall

Okay, so we’re not really telling you to go and visit Merlin’s manor. You won’t find that in London. What you’ll find, instead, is the city’s closest answer to real wizards in the past. The Apothecaries Hall is an established and respectable institution of medicine, learning and heritage today. Some of the hall’s heritage is well worth a bit of exploration for those who love the weird and wonderful. Explore the collection of old drug jars from centuries ago and listen to stories of the elaboratory that once lurked underneath the hall itself. Of vomit cakes and elixirs or some questionable medicine quality. It’s a good look at just what we used to think medicine was in the past, which had a lot more to do with the secrets of alchemy and superstition than we might realise.

A palace of scandal and secrets

Nowadays, most royal palaces and thought of with the kind of respect that the modern royal family has for most people. We’re far away from the time of court intrigues and scandal. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve lost every trace of them. If you want a tour that goes into the depths of just how seedy and thrilling the life of the monarch could be, then you want to head for the palace of one of the most well-known and most scandalous, the Hampton Court Palace of Henry VIII. There’s adultery, execution, religious fervour and power rivalries all wrapped up in the tour, which includes even a look at the crown of the old monarch himself.

London’s history is fraught with tension, darkness, and scandal. Which makes it home for some of the absolute best bits of tourist storytelling you can find in the world. So, make sure the next time you hit the capital city that you’re taking a few steps away from the bright lights of the high street into a darker story altogether.

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