Inspiring Holiday Destinations You May Never Have Even Considered

Inspiring Holiday Destinations You May Never Have Even Considered

It is very easy to get locked into one kind of travel. Not necessarily so much one destination – if you have the time and money, most of us will go to a few places at least on rotation. But we get to thinking beach, or skiing, or sight-seeing, and then don’t bother changing it up. And by doing that we can end up depriving ourselves of great travel experiences. We should make it a rule to try something different every so often.

If You’ve Never Been … Somewhere Cold

Many people know what they want when they choose a holiday destination. They want sun, sand and relaxation and where better to get it than somewhere hot? And that’s perfectly acceptable, but it means you’re missing out. If you’re prepared to pack a winter wardrobe, destinations like Norway with its beautiful fjords come into play. As does the understated majesty of Estonia’s Tallinn.

If You’ve Never Been … Somewhere Adventurous

It’s standard for many of us to see a holiday as a chance to go somewhere new and then do nothing. You’re on holiday, it’s time to relax, right? But it’s all too easy to get stir crazy on a holiday like that – we’re not built to sit around for seven days. It’s more rewarding to see something you can’t see anywhere else. Check out the Safari on tour packages in Sri Lanka – an amazing backdrop for an experience that will live long in the memory.

If You’ve Never Been … Somewhere Untapped

One of the results of globalization is that there are now very few parts of the world that haven’t been turned into tourist destinations. There’s North Korea, of course – and you CAN go there but it’s more a weird holiday than a fun one.

If you want to go somewhere that isn’t full of tourists and doesn’t have government minders following you, there are options. Try Albania for a holiday destination that has opened up a lot in recent years. It’s still far from a tourist trap, but you’ll find lots to see and do and a relaxed atmosphere in which to do it.

If You’ve Never Been … Somewhere Majestic

For many of us, a holiday means going somewhere familiar, somewhere almost like being at home. And when you’re looking for comfort and relaxation this is understandable. But the chance to go away should also mean the chance to be overawed. Spectacular scenery is one thing on a page or in a web browser. But seeing it up close is another thing altogether.

There are amazing views to be found all over the world. You’ll probably have some within an hour’s drive of your home. But if you’re OK with travelling to see them, you’ll really profit from going to destinations like Vienna. Make that your base for the holiday, and not only do you see Europe’s most beautiful capital. There is only a short hop to other glorious destinations such as Prague and Bratislava, too.
Changing up your holiday choices every once in awhile can be a nervy experience. You get little enough time to travel as it is, and so you want to make the most of it. But breaking out of the norm for a while has so many rewards, you should take the chance.

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  1. Our Bumble
    September 25, 2016 / 6:43 pm

    We spent 10 weeks in Norway, wonderul country. Hope to revisit, again and again and again