USA: Take A Trip To Maine, America’s Forgotten Treasure

Coastal Beauty

Visiting America this summer? We bet you’re planning on heading to one of the most popular locations. Somewhere like Florida, Manhattan or perhaps Washington DC if you are feeling patriotic. It’s probably never even crossed your mind to go to Maine. Maine is a beautiful and enchanting state with plenty to see and do. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or a trip filled with activities. Maine could be an excellent choice.

Book A Cottage

Cottage Holiday
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If you’re tired of hotel holidays, there is something pretty special that you can try in Maine. You can rent a cottage in the countryside or near to the edge of the coast. This will allow you to live in a beautiful haven on your holiday. Rather than feeling the pressures of hotel life, you’ll have complete freedom on your holiday. You will be able to buy food and cook for yourself, making delicious meals with the local produce. If you want to rent a cottage in Maine this summer, just have a look online. There are plenty of websites providing this fantastic opportunity for summer in the wild.

Check Out The Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens
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If you are staying on the coast of this wonderful state, you must check out the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Filled with exotic and colourful plant life, a trip here will guarantee you a mesmerizing walk through the wilderness. You’ll see plants that are thousands of years old, and you’re sure to see some of the natural wildlife. There’s also the Children’s garden which is a real treat if you have kids in the family. It’s got a cat shaped fence, a whale fountain and provides the perfect stopping point for a picnic.

Hermit Island

Hermit Island
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You can either visit Hermit Island or spend a few days camping there. The choice is totally yours, but we recommend the former. If you camp, you’ll get the chance to explore the spot for all its glory. Bathe in the crystal clear waters, climb the naturally made anchor and spot some deer as they graze on the nearby hills. Naturally, this spot is popular so if you want to go camping, book it well in advance.

Adventure Across Pineland Farms

Cross Country Skiing
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If you’re heading to Maine during the winter season, you’re in for a real treat. You’ll be able to explore Pineland Farms while cross country skiing. Cross country skiing does take a little getting used to. Particularly, when you realize that you won’t be heading downhill the whole time. However, it is still an unforgettable experience that you don’t want to miss. If you go in the summer, you’re still in for a treat. You can rent a mountain bike and explore this gorgeous grassy landscape.

Find A Hidden Coastal Beauty

Coastal Beauty
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Finally, if you don’t mind walking you can explore a beautiful beach that is often completely deserted. There’s nothing wrong with this stretch of golden sand. It’s rather spectacular, but you will need to walk about two miles to reach it. That said, Seawall beach is well worth the visit if you don’t mind a hike.

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