Cuba: 5 Reasons Why I’m Heading Back To Havana

Cuba: 5 Reasons Why I’m Heading Back To Havana

Cuba is at the top of a lot of people’s bucket lists, that is, if they haven’t visited already. And for some like me, you’ve already been but have re-added it back onto your list of places to visit. Visiting the largest Caribbean island has never been easier with a number of tour operators, such as Destination2, offering perfect package holidays there.

Cuba has a rich history, especially its capital, Havana. I first visited Havana back in 1999 with my parents. The main bulk of our holiday had been spent in the theme parks of Orlando and relaxing on the beaches of Miami. However, as we were British making the short hop from the US to Cuba through our tour operator was simple. Therefore, we also spent two days in Havana.

As I was only 16 at the time and only there for a couple of days, I didn’t get to fully experience the Havana vibe and everything that it has to offer. That is why I am heading back to Havana in January 2019, again only for a couple of days, however, this time I intend to see and do as much as possible.

Share the experience with Mr ESLT

This time I will be visiting with Mr ESLT who has ALWAYS wanted to visit Havana. No matter how much I loved travelling regularly with my folks when I was younger, nothing beats traversing the globe with my husband. We both have a list of things that we want to see and do and many things, of course, feature on both. I can’t wait to create some more fantastic memories whilst exploring this fascinating city and share our experiences.

Drink ALL the rum

Rum in Cuba

Again, as I was only 16 when I visited, trying the national drink was not even on my radar. Therefore, this time I intend to drink all the rum I can during my visit and as there are many to try I think I’m going to enjoy the task, it has to be done. Also, as we are visiting when the temperatures are likely to hit in excess of 20 degrees, what better than a large, refreshing mojito or two at the end of a long day of exploration?

Learn more about the history

A rich and diverse history, means there are lots of things to learn and discover in Cuba, Havana in particular. From Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus arriving in 1492, the country becoming a Spanish colony all the way through to the Cuban Revolution and the politic and economic isolation from the United States since. Therefore, I intend to delve deep into the countries history and learn all about how it became the place it is today.

Explore more of Havana

Havana, Cuba

Learning about the history will no doubt take me to some of the cities most famous buildings and landmarks. Yes Havana is home to some of the most beautiful and colourful buildings, but it is also home to some famous landmarks that I didn’t get the opportunity to visit last time including the Cathedral of Havana, Morro Castle and the Museum of the Revolution and what better way of getting between them than hiring a classic car and driver for the day.

Check out the street art

My love of street art is a relatively new one. In fact, I’d say up until around 5 years ago I would have considered it to simply be graffiti. But now when I find out that a city or place I am visiting has some, seeing some and taking a walking tour if possible, is always at the top of my list of things to do. Luckily for me, Havana is a haven of street art and I cannot wait to hit the streets with my camera and snap as many of them as possible.

Revisiting somewhere is something I very rarely do, but something about Havana really struck a chord with me and even though it will be 20 years since my last visit, I really can’t wait to visit again. Hopefully, Mr ESLT will love the city as much as I do.

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