Spain: A Luxury Road Trip Starting in Catalonia: From Barcelona to Alicante

Alicante, Spain

Are you planning to take a Spanish trip? How about a road trip from the colorful and vibrant Catalonia? Driving from the bustling city of Barcelona into the beautiful Valencia and ending up at the sunny coast of Alicante will take you to a truly memorable Spanish experience.

In order to make your trip more comfortable and luxurious at the same time, you need to consider a spacious car with an appropriate interior that fits your needs and desires. Online platforms like Primerent can help you to find the perfect car for your trip . A good option could be to rent a luxury car like a Lamborghini in Barcelona so you can drive safely and in style to Alicante .

What to see in Barcelona 

Barcelona, Catalonia
Barcelona, Catalonia

Drive south into the heart of the old city known as Las Ramblas where you will find El Raval. Enjoy a tour at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Arts then head to the National Library of Catalonia just nearby. The Mercat de la Boqueria, the city’s most famous market where culture and arts on display are worth immersing, is just a few walks away. Also, the Plaça de la Boqueria and the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the famous opera house where a native named Montserrat Caballé started, are all within the vicinity. You should be in for a treat. So, have fun!

Drive further into the Gothic Quarter or Barri Gòtic where you will see majestic walls of the city’s beginnings from a thousand years ago. You will find the Plaça Reial, a significant public square, whose structure gives you a taste of the historical works of their first artists like Gaudi.

Drive through Valencia

After experiencing the urban delights of Barcelona, stop by Valencia brimming with fun and leisure making this city an equally popular destination. There are many places you could visit such as the famous Royal Marina known for housing the Century Harbour Sheds, the Edificio del Reloj and the Veles e Vents buildings. Also, the nature parks of Albufera, Turria Gardens and the Bioparc and Oceanogràfic will fill your eyes with nature’s lush and animal wonder. The museums and the many plazzas like del Ayuntamiento, Plaza del mercado y Lonja de la Seda, Plaza de la Virgen are packed with gothic architecture, history and art. For a more invigorating tour, schedule your visit in time for the many events and festivities.

End your trip in Alicante

Alicante, Spain
Alicante, Spain

A popular choice to end a Spanish trip is Alicante with its sea side sunny beaches along the Costa Blanca. It has wonderful parks, lots of adventures and a great weather, too. Relax in the beautiful beach of Playa de San Juan for a less populated choice. But there is always the more popular one, Playa del Postiguet. Either way, you will still have a stunning view of the coast. There are a number of hotels by the sea which could provide you with both comfort and fantastic views. It would not be too hard to find one. During the day, make trips to the historic landmarks of the Santa Barbara Castle, Tabarca Island, Canelobre Caves and to the Guadalest Valley for a breathtaking mountain view. Finally, do not leave without having the mouth-watering Spanish trinity of rice, fish, and seafood with a local twist.

You will find leaving this endlessly enchanting place is a challenge but when you do plan to travel from Catalonia and through Spain again, there is a long list of places you could visit that are as promising as what we have suggested thus far.



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