England: Buxton, Hometown Tour Guide

Buxton Opera House

This month’s Hometown Tour Guide is Bethan, a travel blogger. Catch up with her latest adventures at Wanderlust Bee  Here’s what she has to say about her hometown….

Buxton Opera House
Buxton Opera House

What is the name of your hometown and where is it?

The name of my hometown is called Chapel-en-le-Frith but there isn’t much to tell you about it so I will tell you about the neighbouring town of Buxton. You may have already heard of Buxton water which is sourced locally from there. It is a small little spa town nestled in Derbyshire just outside of the Peak District boarder.

What, if anything, is your hometown famous for?

For the water of course, and that it is the highest elevation of any market town in England.

The top 5 attractions are:-

  1. The Pavilion Gardens – beautiful to see in summer when the flowers are all in  gardens are immaculate there is a little cafe and lots of ducks to feed so don’t forget bread.
  2. Buxton Opera House – a beautiful building that’s good value for money that attracts some good shows! Particularly busy at Christmas time.
  3. Poole’s Cavern & Buxton Country Park – a very informative visit, great way to get away from rainy days in Buxton.
  4. The Dome – Built in 1882 has beautiful architecture, previously the Royal Devonshire hospital and now a college and university. It features the largest unsupported dome in the country and there is a great cafe or restaurant to visit inside.
  5. St Anne’s well– around since the 1940’s this well provides Buxton water from a spring. People can be seen queueing to fill their containers and bottles so do not forget yours if you are visiting.

Are there any local sports teams? Where do they play?

As it is a small town there are not unfortunately

My 3 favourite restaurants are:-

Barbarella’s – lovely atmosphere a wine bar offering Italian food.

St Moritz– offering Italian and European meals has been delicious when I have been after the opera house

Simply Thai– offers authentic Thai food and is truly delicious

My 3 favourite bars/pubs are:-

Barbarella’s (again)- a great wine bar loads of wines to choose from

Monk– Quirky cool bar lots of choice available of unusual and classic cocktails as well as a huge list of wines

Buxton tap house– offering many craft beers and ciders and pretty much anything you can imagine with a lovely atmosphere

Top 3 Hotels are:-

Best Western Lee Wood Hotel

The Palace with Spa

The Old Hall

(I have heard they are good not stayed there myself)

Why do you love your hometown?

It is beautiful and picturesque not too far to venture into the beautiful Peak District. It has great links to Manchester, Sheffield and Chesterfield.

Who should visit your hometown?

Anyone interested in wander round an old town (best on sunny days) visiting the gardens either having a picnic or lunch at one of the many cafes and shopping in the little boutique shops at Cavendish arcade.

Best time of year to visit (weather): 

Summer time and you can hopefully get some sun:)

Language spoken: 



British sterling

Thank you again to Bethan from Wanderlust Bee for being this month’s Hometown Tour Guide. Why not connect with her on Twitter?



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