USA: Do You Know the Secrets of Disney World, Florida?

USA: Do You Know the Secrets of Disney World, Florida?

Yesterday my friend and I talked for hours about Disney World and just how amazing it is and how she cannot wait to deliver the news to her two little boys that they will be returning very soon. Just talking about it filled us both (two 35-year-old women) with giddy delight. It is a place where age really doesn’t matter. In reality, it makes us all revert to being wide-eyed, excited children again. It is no secret that I love Disney – merchandise, movies and of course the theme parks with Mr ESLT even taking me to Disneyland Paris for my 30th birthday.

Having visited Disney World twice before I cannot wait to return for the third time very soon. What many people do not realise about Disney World is that it is actually four separate theme parks (together with a couple of water parks, Disney Springs entertainment complex and numerous hotels), covering approximately 40 square miles (around the size of Manchester!), each deserving of its own visit. Each park has a distinctive theme and vibe, making each destination unique in its own way. Here are a few lesser-known facts, especially if you have never visited before, about each of the four parks:

Magic Kingdom

As the flagship park of Disney World, the Magic Kingdom is the most visited. What most visitors do not realise is that the entire park is actually built up one level so that you are actually on the second floor when you enter. The bottom level is a series of hidden tunnels and walkways that the cast members use to make your visit magical. A next time you are standing on Main Street USA gazing up at Cinderella’s Castle, see if you can spot the windows to the royal suite tucked inside.

Hollywood Studios

As one of the creepiest and most iconic attractions at Disney World, the Tower of Terror is a thrill ride like no other. Before it sends guests on a freefall drop, it tells the story of the haunted Hollywood Tower Hotel. One of the secrets of Hollywood Studios is that the Tower of Terror ride was actually struck by lightning during its construction.

Animal Kingdom

Part theme park and part zoo, this unique place feels like you are stepping into a different world. If you arrive and find long queues at the opening, veer to the left and cut through the Rainforest Cafe. At the exit of the gift shop, there is a separate gate into the park that hardly anyone uses. Unlike the other three theme parks with loads of attractions, the true beauty in the Animal Kingdom is found when you slow down and take in every detail. One ride that deserves to be experienced multiple times is the Kilimanjaro Safari. Every ride is a new experience due to the unpredictable nature of real animals.


With a park as spread out as Epcot, there are plenty of amazing photo opportunities, especially in the World Showcase. The Innoventions buildings often host lesser-known character meet-and-greets, so be sure to check the entertainment schedule and plan your visit accordingly. 

From finding hidden Mickeys to scoring the best FastPass times for each attraction, taking a trip to Disney World offers something new every visit. Do you have any Disney World secrets to share? Let us know.

Discover new secrets as you introduce new generations to the many attractions housed in each park. Strap on a pair of comfortable shoes, embrace the magic and have a great time!

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