4 Things to Prepare Before You Travel to Save Money

4 Things to Prepare Before You Travel to Save Money

So you have booked your flights and your accommodation and you can’t wait to take your trip. But, what about all the other ‘little’ (i.e. not so fun) things that may seem quite insignificant, however, are über important? Not only are they important but sometimes by not having them in place or leaving it until the last minute to sort them out can be very expensive indeed. Therefore, we have put together a little list of things you need to prepare before you travel and tips on how to save money when putting them in place. We hope you find this a useful reminder when planning your next adventure.  

Ensure You Have The Correct Travel Insurance

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You will need to ensure you are covered by your insurance for pre-existing medical conditions if you have any because if you are not the policy may not cover you at all. Yes, it may cost you more initially but it will save you thousands, in the long run, should you need treatment whilst on holiday. Also, if you plan on taking part in extreme sports, you must disclose it to ensure the right level of cover. Travelling without insurance is a massive risk and one you really shouldn’t take. Medical bills abroad can be huge and personally, I like to bring a fridge magnet as a memento of my holiday, not thousands of pounds of debt. One way to save a save money if you are a frequent traveller is to buy annual travel insurance instead of on a trip by trip basis.

Book Airport Parking

Airport Parking

The past three trips we have taken I have forgotten (life simply got in the way) to book airport parking until the day before we actually flew. Therefore, we have paid more than we would have if I’d booked earlier. Our biggest recommendation is to book as soon as you book/confirm your trip as more often than not the sooner you book the more money you save. Meaning you may be able to stretch your budget to a meet and greet service rather than a park and ride one? Also, remember to google discount codes to save that extra bit of cash. I normally manage to get an extra 10/15% my booking by using a code.

Buy Your Currency

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Currency is also another thing we always ensure we sort out prior to our trip in order to save money. By doing so, it means we have money in our pocket as soon as we arrive in case we need to buy/pay for something. It also means we do not have to head out straight away to look for an ATM or get stung by the fees for using it, which can soon add up. There are so many places to get currency from, especially in England. We more often than not get our currency from the Post Office before we travel. Even though they have been criticised a lot over the years, we find they have competitive rates and if you get over £500 worth of currency the rate is even better, meaning a bit more bang for your buck.

Sort Out Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers

Another thing that I always do is ensure that we have airport transfers booked were possible or at least do research into how much they will cost once we touch down. Nine times out of ten it is always cheaper to book airport transfers in advance. Therefore, you save money and precious time as you do not have to worry about finding a bus, train taxi etc. If you do have to rely on public transport when you arrive at your destination always weigh up time v cost, especially if you are only visiting for a short period of time. Another option is to hire a car. Again, the likelihood is the sooner you book this, the more money you will save. Also, look out for flash sales where companies offer a percentage off their usual price.

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  1. July 7, 2018 / 9:16 am

    Nice one. Travel insurance is the most important, amazing how many travellers we meet who have no insurance whatsoever. Crazy! Don’t really ever get cash as we have a multi-currency cash card which works everywhere.

    • Eat Sleep Love Travel
      July 7, 2018 / 9:25 am

      I’ll be honest Jonno it’s only the past couple of years we have had insurance and that’s since we started doing it annually. So lucky we never needed it.

      What cash card do you use? We tried the Post Office one and it was awful. The app never worked to add more cash to it. Maybe it’s time to try another one?