Preparing For A Long Journey – What Do I Need?  

Preparing For A Long Journey – What Do I Need?  

Where possible I try to avoid long journeys because being cooped up in a car or a train or plane for hours on end can be and usually is the most boring thing on the planet but often a necessary evil, especially when I want to explore far-flung places. However, after years of taking them, I have now got my preparation and packing list down to a tee to ensure my journeys pass a quickly as possible in a safe, entertained and healthy way.

What To Wear

Casual Cotton Clothing

Holiday Clothes

Regardless of whether I’m travelling in a car, on a train or on a plane for a long period of time, the likelihood is that there isn’t much space; therefore I need to be dressed as comfortable as possible. I always opt for loose-fitting cotton clothing to ensure movement and no digging, there’s nothing worse than feeling like your jeans are trying to cut you in half like a magician’s assistant. Unfortunately, the downside of casual cotton clothing is that it can let you down in the fashion stakes, therefore, I never step off a plane looking like Malibu Barbie more Dragged Through a Bush Backwards Debbie but hey, comfort wins for me every day of the week.

Copper Compression Socks

Copper Compression Socks

One thing I suffer with, especially on, yet not limited to, long journeys are the dreaded cankles! Yep, my ankles swill so much you cannot differentiate between my legs and my feet. One cankle was so bad after a flight home from Ljubljana a couple of years ago; my GP referred me to the hospital for a DVT test – it was pretty scary at the time! Oh, the joys of travel. Fortunately, it wasn’t and after a couple of days of painful walking around the swelling disappeared. ‘So Vicky, why not just wear compression stockings?’ Erm because they are seriously ugly and remind me of having to wear them in the hospital and the horror of having my tonsils out when I was 19!

Therefore when I was sent a pair of short compression copper socks (rrp £12.99) made using 100% natural copper from Copper Clothing I was more than willing to give them a go. I had only really heard of copper bracelets before so when I saw that there is a range of copper products available including knickers, yes knickers, I started to do my research and it appears that copper has many important roles to play in maintaining a healthy body. I recently wore them on my travels to Edinburgh which was a 5-hour drive. Now, that may not sound that long of a journey but it was as I was driving and I did it in one stint and as I said above my cankles can strike at any time.

I am pleased to report that my cankles did not appear, instead, my feet and ankles felt supported as the socks are a snug fit. Copper is able to destroy the bacteria and fungi that typically cause foul smells and bad odour, therefore even though my feet were confined to my battered old converse they came out fresh and odour free. I’m more than happy to recommend these sock and I will certainly use them next time I take a flight. If you would like to try a pair or any other copper product (except the pet beds and pet blankets) us this voucher code to get 15% off your order – ESLT15 (valid until 31st August 2018).


Bingeworthy Boxset

Movies on iPad

Obviously not something you can indulge in if you are driving but if you’re the passenger in the car or on a plane or a train then it’s a must. Even though I’ve had a Netflix subscription for a couple of years, I only found out you can actually download from it a couple of months ago, am I the only one to not know that? Therefore, I download at least 4 box sets for any long journey I take.

This always includes a new one or two, maybe one that I am in the middle of at home and an old one that I’ve watched before, yet love – Gossip Girl, I’m looking at you. Once I’m into the boxset vortex, time just disappears making a long journey pass quicker, which gets a massive thumbs up in my book! I just keep needing to remind myself to get up and have a walk around every now and again to get the blood flowing especially on a plane.

The Perfect Playlist


Something I also travel with is a playlist, even on short journeys because I hate silence, it’s difficult to say why but for some reason it makes me nervous. Mr ESLT and I have a family Apple Music account which means that we can stream and download to our heart’s content. For £15 a month I think it is great value, especially as I am old enough to remember when CDs where around £15 EACH. Also, I love being able to listen to new music without it being a waste of money if I don’t like it.

I also often put together specific playlists depending on where we are going, especially if we are taking a road trip. An important point and one that I have forgotten before is to ensure that you download the album/playlist you want before your trip to ensure streaming it does not drain your data or if you are on a plane like I was, not be able to listen to anything because I’d not downloaded and the plane did not have onboard wifi, urgh!


Hydrating H2O

Bottle of water

It’s an obvious one isn’t water, well you’d think so. But it has only been recently that I have started drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day on a normal daily basis, let alone when travelling. As the driver or even passenger in a car I always normally grabbed a Coke (Zero obvs) from the garage when we stopped for fuel. Now it’s a bottle of still water (go me). However, I’ll be honest I still struggle on trains especially one with a well-stocked buffet carriage – I mean come on train gin is a thing, right?

And as I more often than not normally fly with a reputable airline (not budget) when flying long haul, booze is normally included in the plane ticket, therefore, plane wine comes into play. I am trying to change my ways and at least alternate between water and the fizzy stuff…..I’ll fully get there one day I’m sure, especially as there are so many health benefits that need to be considered.

Selected Snacks

Snacks for the Flight

Snacks are vital for me on a long trip, whether it be fruit, chocolate or a bag of sweets, I need something to munch on especially when flying. I’m sure we’ve all been on a long-haul flight when the food has been dire, therefore more often than not, I always sneak a Boots meal deal on board with me. Plus, and it might just be me but flying makes me super hungry, it must be to do with the air pressure or something.

Obviously, eating healthy whilst travelling is important but as with everything, moderation is key – I must remind myself of that next time I reach for the sharing bag of Cadbury buttons before I take my next long journey!

So there you have it – a list of things that I need to make my long journeys that little bit more bearable. What do you need when you take monster trips?

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