Travel Tips – How To Pack Valuables In Your Cabin Luggage

Travel Tips – How To Pack Valuables In Your Cabin Luggage

Air travel may be a convenient one, but it is not necessarily relaxing, particularly for those who carry valuables. We are big advocates of not carrying things that hold a high monetary or sentimental value. But if you do have to travel with such things it is vital you keep them close to hand and pack them in your cabin luggage. Whether it is a long international flight or a domestic one, you have to be on your toes all the way and ensure your things stay safe. Having the option to check a bag in is great as it means that you can take as many clothes and pairs of shoes as you can squeeze in, it also means you can take full-size toiletries and your entire make up bag (yes!!!).  Your jewellery, cameras, laptops, mobile phones, photographs, GPS units, first edition books(!), and anything else worth a reasonable amount of money or which is irreplaceable, however, all belong in your carry-on bag.

Why Be So Meticulous

You might think that you don’t need to worry about cabin luggage, which is more than likely to be in the luggage bin close to you on the plane anyway. Well, here is an interesting fact and one that you may find surprising, but most of the theft cases reported to airlines, surprisingly occurs in business class. People travelling in business class may think that their fellow passengers are worthy of trust, even though they are strangers, however, they are often targeted as it is perceived that they will be carrying more valuable items. Airlines and airports are doing more to stop luggage theft, but incidents still happen. However, even if you do log a complaint, the likelihood of getting your things back is unfortunately extremely low.
You don’t have to put all items in your carry-on; if something is particularly valuable maybe you could travel with it your pocket or wear it if you are able to reduce the risk considerably of it being stolen during your journey. But what about your laptop and other electronic gadgets? They are typically fragile, expensive, and more prone to breaking if transported in checked baggage. But, after packing those gadgets in your carry-on, it might not leave you enough space for the rest of your valuables. Therefore, here are simple tips for proper packaging of your cabin luggage.

How To Pack Your Valuables

Take your most critical and valuable items such as identification, wallet, cash, jewellery in a clear plastic bag that is obvious to everyone. By not hiding your valuables, you are actually sending a message to burglars who might be eyeing your baggage. Everyone knows what is in there and therefore they have no incentive to open your case to find out what is inside. If anything is missing, you will notice straight away allowing you to raise the alarm and increasing your chances of getting your stuff back. 
Put all your valuables in a single, dedicated location. Then you don’t have to ruffle your bags to figure out if your wallet is missing, or your boarding pass, or your driver’s license, or your medication. If you know exactly where everything is, you’ll notice what’s been taken. Pack your baggage in such a way that you don’t have to search everywhere for a single thing like medicine or mobile phone. Plan your package carefully. Your cabin luggage may be a small one, but the contents of the bag mean a lot to you.
Also, by having everything in one place means that if you need to get something out of your bag, the chance of something falling out by accident without you noticing is reduced.
Another simple and easy way to deter unscrupulous people is by investing in a little lock for your bag if it doesn’t already have an inbuilt one. Whether it be a key or number code one, it may make someone think twice about trying to get in your bag and take something. 
It is not advisable to carry cash in your cabin luggage. But if you absolutely need to carry it, then hide it well, possibly in something that people who not expect cash to be hidden in. Do be aware, of course, that any currency that you carry should be within legal limits of the country you are visiting. 

Other Things To Keep In Mind

The best place to store your carry-on is in the luggage bin directly across the aisle from where you’re sitting rather than above you. That way, you can always keep an eye and ensure that your bag goes untouched.
You can ensure that your valuables are more than a quick zip away simply by placing your carry-on luggage upside down in the luggage bin. This makes it harder for any thieving fellow passengers because the belongings tucked in your bag’s front pockets can only be taken by awkwardly lifting your bag inside the luggage rack or removing your bag entirely, both of which are more likely to attract your attention.
If someone is handling your bag, say something immediately. It’s important to be tactful in these situations as innocent mistakes do happen, especially if you are carrying a popular bag or a common plain black one – someone may have simply confused yours for theirs. That said, saying something right away allows for people to witness the event, which would be helpful if after inspection you found that something was indeed missing from your bag.

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  1. February 5, 2018 / 6:33 pm

    Very good post. I’ve seen too many people who are not careful with their valuables when traveling. Taking a few safety precautions can make a world of difference in one’s ability to enjoy a trip!

    • March 31, 2018 / 3:27 pm

      Exactly, imagine how losing or damaging your valuables while travelling would spoil your trip! Sometimes just a few helpful reminders are all it takes to ensure an enjoyable and stressfree trip! 🙂