Guest Post: Spain: Top Hiking Routes in Barcelona

Guest Post: Spain: Top Hiking Routes in Barcelona

Barcelona is the city which may be the main attraction in Europe. It is certainly one of the most visited ones and it is definitely the right place for those who like party, having fun, visiting many sights, beautiful beaches and a lot more. It is also one of the top world touristic places and recently a great wedding destination. So, yes, Barcelona is a place for everyone and has a little bit of everything for all the visitors. In this great and famous city, it is very easy to realize that Barcelona has to offer more than architecture, music, and nightlife. But if you are from those people who want something different, you are in the right place. If you want to explore this city in detail, you want an adventure in nature and some fresh air, Barcelona offers beautiful hiking trails and you will not have to travel far outside the city to find some of the best walking routes. Here are just a few of them.

Tibidabo Mountain

It’s not without a reason in the first place, because what is truly amazing is the breathtaking view that extends when you come to Tibidabo Mountain. That’s why it falls into one of the most challenging hikes around the city. At the top station of Tibidabo is the amusement park perched on its peak, and a roller coaster with similarly grandiose views. There is also a church that sits on the top of it and lights up at night. The trail is in the wild and gives a beautiful view of Barcelona. If you are set, just wait until the weather is clear, if it’s not hazy, because the view is really terrific. Try also visiting it at the sunset and experience the amazing moments.

The Bunkers Del Carmel

If you are looking for an incredible view of Barcelona, Catalonia, you need to look no further than the hilltop ruins of the Bunkers del Carmel. Due to the fact that it’s a bit more difficult to get here and that it can only receive a relatively small number of publicity, it was not very well-known by locals and tourists. At the top of the hill you will find bunkers that are used as anti-aircraft batteries in the Spanish Civil War. If you’re planning a trip during the hottest months, it is advised to go towards the end of the day. Make sure you have previously prepared a bag pack with some light snack and some water, so you are ready to go to the Bunkers. You can also enjoy seeing sunset over Barcelona and this trip will definitely be memorable to you.


The Montjuïc is a hill near the centre of Barcelona. It features a large number of attractions including the Spanish Village, the Magic Fountain and one of the city’s most important museums. With a location right next to the sea, Montjuïc Mountain is one of the most beautiful spots in Barcelona. There are a number of museums, gardens, viewpoints, sporting venues and other attractions. Depending on your interests, you can choose to dedicate more time to seeing cultural attractions, or focus on wonderful views from its viewpoints, or the quiet walks through its many gardens.


The Montserrat massif was once a delta of several rivers that were draining into a shallow inland sea. For many visitors to Montserrat, it is a visit to one of Catalunya’s most magnificent natural parks. It is an interesting area for those who are interested in plants and vegetation. Each of the villages here offers a great place to stay, but it is also an area of architectural and historical interest. Imagine sitting among the mountains, it is a very unique experience. But the real treat is the Sant Jeroni hike, which continues from the monastery. This walk takes some time and definitely requires some physical exertion, but it’s all worth the breathtaking peaks that make Montserrat so unique.

As you can see, Barcelona is not only enjoying luxury places and sites. It is about adventure and hiking as well. For those who would like to explore these amazing parts of Barcelona, the above mentioned places are a must see. So prepare your stuff and get ready, Barcelona is calling!

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