Switzerland: 4 Ways to Travel On A Budget

Switzerland: 4 Ways to Travel On A Budget

Switzerland has long been considered an expensive country to visit. Therefore, have chosen another country to visit instead, or missed it of their itinerary when planning out a European road trip or rail adventure. However, many people across the world, including us, have now realised the secret ways to visit Switzerland without blowing the budget. Making it a very doable place to visit on your travels. We have therefore put together this post which uncovers the secrets of making your trip and any Swiss day tours that you take, enjoyable while travelling on a budget.

Take Advantage of Free Public Transport

Tram in Basel, Switzerland

Local public transport is available in different parts of Switzerland. In the major cities such as Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Lucerne and in Bern, the hotel you are staying at will give you a ticket for use on public transport. It allows you to board the free public transport for the days you have accommodation booked for. This is a sure fire way to save on money that would go to paying for taxis. This is a concept that aims at promoting tourism in the country. Talk to your Swiss day tours travel organiser for hints on the best hotels that will provide you with a free ticket that you can use when travelling around those cities. For some hotels, the free tickets will cover not only road travel but also travelling by boat, trains and cable cars.

Consider a Travel Pass

Switzerland Travel Pass on The Railway

Switzerland Travel passes cost a lot of money. This can take a huge chunk out of your budget. They offer you travel on the public transport network for a set amount of days over a set period of time, depending on your pass. They do however offer amazing value for money if you use them to get the most out of them. However, you’ll find they don’t make sense on some occasions i.e. if you only need to make a one-way trip or only travel on one particular day. It’s important to set some time aside to do some research before you begin the process of buying one. For instance, you’ll need to know your destination(s), the distance to be covered and the frequency at which the public transport is to be used. Once these are answered, you can then determine whether or not the travel pass is essential.

Why Not Try the Free Bikes?

Cycling in Switzerland

If you love hiking and biking, the mountainous county offers you amazing experiences. In some of the major cities, you will find free bikes available for riding. You can ‘hire’ them simply by leaving a  deposit as security for the bike and an identity document, simply to prove you are who you say you are. You will find that ‘hiring’ a free bike not only saves you money, but it is also an opportunity for you to get some exercise and enjoy seeing the beautiful unique scenery that can be found in Switzerland.

Stay On The Outskirts of The Major Cities

Bern, Switzerland

Staying in the centre of a major city comes with benefits, but it can also get expensive, very quickly. You can save some money if you opt to stay on the outskirts of the expensive cities. This goes hand in hand with ‘hiring’ a free bike or taking advantage of the free public transport. The cost of accommodation on the outskirts of major cities is usually cheaper compared to accommodation in city centres. As you travel into and out of the city, again, this gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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