Awesome Alternatives To The Beach For Your Next Trip

Awesome Alternatives To The Beach For Your Next Trip

It’s no wonder that so many of us go flocking to the various beaches around the world when it comes to our holiday. The turquoise sea, warm sands and plenty of sun make it a great fail safe trip that all the family can enjoy. And there’s no denying how relaxing it is lying on a sun lounger or hammock, paddling in the sea and topping up your tan. But do you find yourself going on the same old holiday? Maybe you do the same things year in year out, and find yourself getting a bit bored with the same sort of beach trips? How about doing it a little differently for your next adventure? Here are some alternatives to that holiday at the beach!

City Breaks

An obvious alternative to the beach is a city break. And with so many incredible cities across the world, you really are spoiled for choice. A site like can help you to work out where would suit you best, and give you more information on various destinations. The great thing about cities is they’re lively with plenty to do all in one place. There’s great transport links, lots of accommodation for all budgets, a wealth of restaurants, cafes, and places to eat, and many attractions aimed at tourists. Plus cities are a mecca for shopping addicts, and you’re sure to get your fix of retail therapy. In most cities you’ll find everything from designer shops to independent boutiques, markets and outlets, there’s something for everyone! You could spend a week exploring the city of Rome if you’re looking for a fix of culture and history. You could visit the Big Apple, ticking off lots of things off your bucket list. This could include climbing the Statue of Liberty, flying in a helicopter and having a picnic in Central Park. Speaking of parks, many big cities have these oases in the midst of the action which is the perfect way to take a break if things get a little busy. More relaxing activities include sightseeing, you could view the incredible architecture in Beijing or the iconic skyline in Seattle for example. Have a think about the kind of holiday you’re after and narrow down your choices depending on this. Forget laying on the beach, get in on the action and enjoy the hustle and bustle of an awesome city.

Nature Holidays

If you want to get back to nature and enjoy beautiful mountains, woods and lakes how about a camping trip? It’s cheap, fun and teaches new skills to both children and adults alike. You could find a beautiful scenic place to camp, perhaps a national park or even just somewhere local to you. Decide whether you’ll camp in a tent, an RV or go with something a little more homely- ‘glamping’ pods are popular and give you access to electricity and running water. Perfect if you’re not ready to get right back to basics! Alternatively you could explore nature somewhere like the Australian Outback, the terrain might be tough but many people report having spiritual experiences and really ‘finding themselves’ on such adventures. You’ll see fascinating wildlife, go camel trekking, visit huge stunning national parks such as Alice Springs and so much more. Another challenging yet immensely beautiful trip could be a holiday to a region in the Arctic. Mountains, snow, the Northern Lights, it’s a huge contrast to a standard beach holiday! On the flip side, a trip to Africa would allow you to go on safari and see some of the world’s most powerful animals. You could explore one of the many countryside areas of the UK, Scotland has some fantastic spots that are off the beaten track, the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales national park are also ideal for immersing yourself in a natural wonderland.

River Cruises

Just because you’re not near the ocean doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the water, how about taking a river cruise? These can be booked on every continent which of course means the experiences are incredibly diverse. In Europe for example you would be sailing down the rivers and canals of lively European cities which were built around these waterways, great news as it takes you right to the heart of the action! In stark contrast, you could be sailing past the floating markets in Asia or down the Chobe river in Africa! If this isn’t something you’ve thought about before it’s an adventure that’s well worth considering, chances are it’s a lot different to anything you’ve done before and makes for an extremely exciting trip.


Finally, don’t overlook a staycation! It certainly doesn’t mean ‘just staying home’- instead explore the place where you live. It could even be worth booking a hotel even if you don’t like too far away as it gives you the full holiday experience. Visit tourist locations that maybe you overlook in day to day life, and see your home destination through the eyes of a traveller. You could go to museums and galleries you’ve not visited in years, try some new restaurants, take tours or visit any beautiful areas you have nearby. It can be easy to become accustomed to sights and attractions on our doorstep that others would be willing to travel to see! This is far cheaper than going away, so if you’re looking to have fun on a budget, then it’s an option to consider. Maybe you have children and don’t want to take them too far for their first trip away from home, or perhaps it could be a mini trip while you’re waiting for your ‘main’ holiday to roll around. You might want to plan something with friends and family but some people have a smaller budget or time frame to do things, in this case a staycation would be ideal. It’s all what you make of it, so with the right planning, you could have an amazing time!

Where are you going on holiday this year? Are you spending some time at the beach, or thinking about other alternatives?

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