Europe: The Most Amazing Campsites

Europe: The Most Amazing Campsites

If you are planning a trip around Europe, it’s likely to cost you quite a lot of money. A good way to cut costs, and experience a different side of the continent, is to go camping. It will cost you a fraction of the price of a hotel and, as long as you go in summer, it can be a great way to see the country. These are some of the best camping spots around Europe that you could consider as an alternative to expensive hotels.

Hillfort Tipis, Pembrokeshire

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Starting off in Britain, we have Hillfort Tipis in Pembrokeshire. The campsite has been there for a long while, but still remains largely untouched. It sits on top of a large cliff, giving you brilliant views of the stunning Pembrokeshire coast. There is also the remains of an iron age fort nearby that you can explore, and if you’re lucky, you can sometimes spot dolphins swimming off the coast. If you are going to visit Hillfort Tipis, you should be prepared for a very authentic camping experience as there are no showers, toilets or electricity on the campsite at all. Make sure that you get all of the necessary equipment from places like, otherwise you might end up having a very uncomfortable camping experience.

Elska Organics, Spain

Spain is a wonderful place to catch some sun, but some of the fancy resorts can get quite pricey. But if you still want to bask in the hot weather, then there are some great camping locations in the country. Elska Organics in Tenerife is one of the best ones. A lot of people that go to Tenerife opt for the beach resorts, but on the other side of the island, there is a large stretch of beach that is mostly untouched by tourists. This is a wonderful place to camp, and find a completely different side to the small Spanish island.

Bot-Conan Lodge, France

Brittany, in France, is home to lots of different campsites. A lot of them are larger, more family orientated ones, that have lost a lot of their natural charms. But further down the coast, there are a few quaint ones, like Bot-Conan Lodge. The quiet campsite has its own private beach for you to relax on, away from the hustle and bustle of busier parts of Brittany. There is also a fishing museum that charts the history of the area’s main industry.

Huettenpalast, Germany

Huettenpalast in Germany is home to one of the most inventive campsites in Europe. It’s not your traditional camping experience so if that’s what you are after, try somewhere else. But if you want to stay in a completely unique campsite, this is perfect for you. The site is set inside an old vacuum cleaner factory, filled with restored caravans that you can sleep in if you fancy a break from the tent. It is only a few minutes walk from some of the biggest attractions in Berlin, like the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie, so you don’t need to spend time travelling from a campsite outside of the city everyday.

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