England: An Asian Taste Sensation at Mango Tree, Harrods, London

England: An Asian Taste Sensation at Mango Tree, Harrods, London

We love Asian food, especially Thai. Our love of it stemmed from our three-week honeymoon in Thailand nearly 6 years ago and since then we’ve discovered that finding good authentic Thai food in England can be hard to come by. So when we were invited to the Mango Tree restaurant located in the Food Hall on the ground floor of Harrods, London we could not resist the opportunity to try it out. We reserved a table as we were invited, however it is important to note that the Mango Tree does not take reservations, customers are seated on a first come, first served basis and with only around 20 – 25 seats, peak times do get extremely busy, so you may have a bit of a wait. But if you read on you’ll find out it’s certainly worth it.

Mango Tree Menu, Harrods, London

Beer at Mango Tree, Harrods, London

As soon as we sat down we were presented with the menu. We noticed straight away that the menu is very meat heavy, which Mr ESLT loved instantly. I on the other hand, although not a vegetarian, I’m not a massive fan of a lot of meat. This wasn’t a problem as the very attentive waitress pointed out and suggested a number of dishes which were more to my taste.  We ordered a couple of bottles of Singha whilst we perused the menu further. As we sipped our beers, the happy memories of Thailand flooded back and we were eager to see if the food lived up to memory too. However, we noticed straight away that not all the dishes on the menu were Thai, which wasn’t a problem because as I mentioned before we love most, if not all, Asian food and there was a great variety of dishes to choose from. The menu included a range dim sum with many different fillings, which the restaurant is known for. Now, we have a little confession – we had never tried dim sum before our visit to the Mango Tree (what!?!?) Yes, that’s right as a couple in our 30s and 40s and having travelled the world extensively including the home of dim sum – China, we are embarrassed to admit it.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum Platter at Mango Tree, Harrods, London

Dim Sum Platter

Yam Bean Vegetarian Dim Sum at Mango Tree, Harrods, London

Yam Bean Vegetarian Dim Sum

Chicken in Szechuan Sauce Dim Sum at Mango Tree, Harrods, London

Chicken in Szechuan Sauce Dim Sum

Therefore, we HAD to try it and boy are we glad we did. Mr ESLT was presented with the dim sum platter consisting of 7 pieces of dim sum containing a variant of meat and fish, whereas I opted for the yam bean vegetarian and the chicken in Szechuan sauce dim sum. Seriously, how did we get to our ripe old ages without trying these little parcels of goodness before? Obviously, we cannot compare them to any others we have eaten, but we can confirm that they were amazing. If someone had said to me that was it – no more food for you, I would have left happy and in all honesty quite full. However, luckily for us we still had a lot of food to try and it was not the end of our experience.


Yum nuer at Mango Tree, Harrods, London

Yum nuer

Tom Yum Goong at Mango Treet, Harrods, London

Tom Yum Goong

Lobster Popcorn with Spicy Mayo at Mango Tree, Harrods, London

Lobster Popcorn with Spicy Mayo

Next up were some amazing starters. I opted for the yum nuer – a grilled beef salad, I was trying to be good after the million dim sum that I had eaten. The beef was delicious, it was very tender and juicy, maybe slightly pinker than I would have asked for, I like my meat well done or over done as Mr ESLT always informs me, but so tasty I ate it all up. Mr ESLT indulged in two, the tom yum soup and the lobster popcorn. The soup was spicy, maybe even a tad too spicy for Mr ESLT, good job he had another Singha to wash it down with, regardless he confirmed that it tasted great and one of, if not the best he had ever had. The lobster popcorn was divine and I couldn’t resist digging in myself even though I am not a massive seafood lover, so much so Mr ESLT had to keep tapping my hand with his chop sticks to stop me eating it all. It truly reminded me of sitting at a beach side restaurant in Koh Samui.

Main Courses

Ped makham at Mango Tree, Harrods, London

Ped makham

Black Cod at Mango Tree, Harrods, London

Black Cod

In reality there wasn’t much room left for anymore food but it tasted so good we pushed on through to the main course. I chose the ped makham – sliced roast duck, whilst Mr ESLT opted for black cod. We both also chose a side of egg fried rice each, to be honest we could have shared one as the portions were massive. Again, the main courses were delicious, tasty, fresh and cooked to perfection but just it was a stretch too far and unfortunately we simply could not finish them.


We loved our meal at the Mango Tree Harrods, everything we ate was fantastic. We did notice though that we were there the longest and instead of having a full meal, people were rocking up having a light bite and then leaving – well shopping does give you an appetite I suppose. Towards the end of our meal, my back started to hurt from sitting on a stool and also there wasn’t much leg room. It wasn’t a problem though and didn’t detract for the experience. Also, good quality food more often than not comes with a high price tag, therefore be prepared to flash the cash (around £200), especially if you plan on eating as much as we did. A great meal, proving it is possible to find great Asian food outside of Asia.

  • Our meal was provided at Mango Tree on a complimentary basis in exchange for an honest review.


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