Watersport Lovers Should Visit This Amazing Island

Image provided by Flickr

If you love being active, then chances are you love the idea of an active holiday. Sure, you may want an afternoon or two relaxing and sunbathing. But the opportunity to try or master new sports can be a very appealing part of any holiday. After all, it beats sitting around the office all day! And if you love being out on or in the water, then the little Greek island of Paros could be your perfect holiday destination.

Wakeboarding is one of the most extreme water sports you can try. You use a single board rather than waterskis, much like surfing. The difference is you are towed behind a motorboat that will create wake waves for you to surf as you go. Wakesurfing can be done too if you dare to let go of the tow rope!

Image provided by Flickr
Image provided by Flickr

Of course, there are many different water sports to enjoy when you stay on Paros. Kayaking and Paddleboarding require a lot more upper body strength than some of the others. On Paros, there are specialist schools to help you train and learn how to get the most from these sports.

You don’t need to stay on the surface of the water when you’re enjoying the island of Paros. Snorkeling is one of the easiest ways to enjoy everything that goes on beneath the surface. The waters are warm almost all year round. This means you don’t really need any special equipment or protective wear to get the most out of being in the waters around Paros.

If you love snorkeling, why not take some scuba or diving instruction while you stay on Paros? There is plenty to see under the water around this island. The red star fishes are extraordinary. They are certainly worth learning to dive to see. Of course, there are dozens of beautiful species to see. Paros is one of the best islands for it!

Inland, you can find some great walks. The temperatures can be a little warm for hiking and climbing. But you can still enjoy pleasant strolls along the coastal paths without overdoing it. The beaches are extremely good, so it might be worth exploring some of the sports and activities you can do on the sand.

Image provided by Flickr
Image provided by Flickr

Mountain bike touring is very popular on this island. You can tour the entire island during your holiday. There will be plenty of photo ops. The landscape on Paros is very pretty in places and provides enough challenges to enjoy cycling here, no matter what your fitness level. Choose a led tour, or hire a bike and set off on your own.

Staying on the island provides you with a wide choice of accommodation. One of the most choices are the Paros luxury villas that are dotted around the island. You can enjoy all your favourite creature comforts. Then choose to cater for yourself, or enjoy some of the best eateries on the island each evening.

Al fresco dining is very common due to the heat. The best part is definitely the view while you eat and the refreshing sea breeze. And after all that watersport activity, a great meal is just the thing!

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