Africa: 7 Reasons To Visit South Africa

Africa: 7 Reasons To Visit South Africa

Recently I started a thread on Twitter. I asked for people to list their top three dream destinations and then tag three other people to do the same and so on and so on. As I started the thread, I have been included in most, possibly all the responses. There has been well over 100. Some places appeared on numerous lists. One that appeared time and time again was South Africa and I can completely understand why – not only is it a dream destination for many but also a dream come true for the people who have been. There’s something for everyone, regardless of age or interests, in South Africa. Here are just 7 reasons to make ‘The Rainbow Nation’ your next destination.

Vibrant Wildlife

Lion on Safari in South Africa, Africa

South Africa has a diverse array of wildlife.

It’s one of the few countries where you can see the ‘big five’ – these are the elephant, the rhino, the lion, the leopard and the cape buffalo. Kruger Park is one of the top places to go on a safari and see these animals. This park covers nearly 2 million hectares and is thought to have one of the largest varieties of animals in the world.

It’s also worth heading to the coast and exploring some of the marine wildlife. South Africa’s shores are home to cape fur seals, dolphins and even great white sharks. Seal Island in False Bay is one of the most notorious spots for sharks – there are plenty of tours that you can take out into the water.

Thrilling Activities

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love the variety of extreme sports on offer in South Africa.

Its waters are regarded as some of the best for surfing in the world. There are also plenty of places for trying out Scuba diving if you want to explore the depths and it up close to some of the marine wildlife on offer (shark cage diving is a popular way to up close to the sharks!).

The mountains meanwhile are popular spots for bungee jumping and abseiling. You can also try cave diving – known there as spelunking.

Stunning Scenery

Cape Town, South Africa

From it’s barren plains to its vast mountains, South Africa has some incredible natural scenery to explore too.

Table Mountain is one of the country’s most iconic natural wonders – this flat-topped mountain overlooks Cape Town and offers some of the best views in the country. You can hike up to the top or you can catch a cable car.

Blade River Canyon is also a popular attraction. It’s often known as the ‘green canyon’ due to the lush vegetation growing on the top of its cliffs and it offers vistas to rival the Grand Canyon.  

Fantastic Food

It’s well worth trying the cuisine of South Africa. Those on a budget can try famous street foods such as bunny chow and biltong. Meanwhile, those looking for fine dining can also find plenty of restaurants across the country for trying exciting fish and beef dishes.

On top of tasting the food, it’s worth sampling the wine that the home-grown country has to offer. There are many vineyards across the country that you can take tours of.

Diverse Culture

Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is often known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ due to its diversity of culture. It’s home to a number of indigenous tribes including the Zulu, the Xhosa and the Pedi. It also has a rich colonial history, having once been ruled by the Dutch and the British.

Its turbulent history is well worth exploring with some its most prominent attractions including The Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town and Pinnacle Point Caves in Mossel Bay. South Africa is also home to a number of festivals including Knysna Oyster Festival and Cape Town Jazz Festival for experiencing the wonders of its modern culture.

Warm Weather

The South Africans enjoy warm weather pretty much all year round. This makes it a perfect escape for getting away from the chill of winter. The country happens to also be blessed with beautiful beaches for enjoying this warm weather on. You’ll find many beach resorts around the coast.

Buzzing Cities

Cape Town Waterfront, South Africa

South Africa’s two most buzzing cities are Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Cape Town is the most popular for tourists and offers a rich history, incredible shopping and beautiful beaches. To save money, it’s best to stay near South Africa’s most visited destination rather than staying in the centre. The outskirts also offer natural wonders such as Table Mountain and numerous vineyards worth exploring.

Johannesburg meanwhile is less visited but equally vibrant sporting incredible street art, bustling markets and historical sights such as Nelson Mandela’s home. You’ve also got Pilanesberg National Park on your doorstep whilst staying here.

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