Fun Ways To Choose Your Next Travel Destination

Fun Ways To Choose Your Next Travel Destination

Travel is essential to understanding the world around us: its environments and people, the variety of cultures and their richness in life. But whether you’re a well-seasoned traveller, have just finally saved up enough for that around the world ticket or simply planning a short holiday, it can be daunting deciding where to visit. Make your decision regarding your next travel destination easier and possibly more fun by choosing one of the following reasons:

Travel for Heritage

Do you know your family’s country or countries of origin, if it lies outside your own? Do you know your partner’s? If you’ve never been to a country that holds ancestral history for you, the trip can be an enlightening and deeply personal connection to your family’s past. See if you can dig through old records and photographs to find the places they lived or visited, or even recreate early black-and-white photos your great-grandparents took!

Not everyone knows their ancestral roots. If you’re a part of the African diaspora, you may not know your ancestors’ home country or the borders by which it’s defined today, but by many fellow travellers’ accounts, that makes visits to African nations no less emotionally and culturally powerful.

And if you’re Jewish, you may be able to access free or more easily accessible trips to Israel. Whatever your stance on its currently hotly debated politics, or complicated foreign relations, many Jewish people find an irreplaceable power in visiting their holy land.

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Travel for Food

Food had to be on our list, its something that can, in fact, define a country. Travelling to other countries to engage with its culture can be done intrusively or done respectfully, but almost universally, what’s able to bring people into another place while tangibly supporting its culture is an appreciation for, and willingness to pay for, its local food.

For a more authentic experience, more seasoned travellers (with perhaps a few languages, or at least a few words at their disposal) can steer clear of touristy destinations in favour of farmers’ markets, unknown rural areas, or, if they establish a rapport with the community, can ask around for local favorites. Also, keep your eyes peeled when passing restaurants if you see that they are busy and the clientele looks to be local people, then try it as it’s likely to be great food. 

Travel for Language Immersion

One of the most trusted methods of learning any language is to jump in with both feet.

Many countries are prepared to accommodate English speakers, as we have the privilege of speaking the second most commonly spoken language in the world, so consider learning the basics of the country or countries you are visiting before travelling for immersion and challenging yourself to communicate solely in your target language. If you’re a less serious learner just looking to pick up a little functional knowledge of the language, then pick up a translating dictionary, buy your ticket, and don’t be afraid to stumble through it!

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Make It a Game of Chance!

It’s not just for the movies—throw darts at a map! For the frequent traveller dying for a new and lesser known destination, try devising games to determine your next destination. Do you travel to the city in Spain which you know little about? Or the first country you hit on a random stream of Wikipedia clickthroughs? There are loads of fun ways.

If you have less travelling experience and don’t know where to start, try bringing your whole family or travel group together (or sitting down independently, if you travel alone!) to put all of your dream destination ideas in a hat, and commit to going to the first place you draw. You can then devise an itinerary that is a great fit for all the family. 

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Trust a String of Fate

If you have an interest in the arcane, or in seeing where life may lead you without the pressure of making the decision on your shoulders, consulting a psychic might be a fun and unique experience. A psychic reader can be spoken to over the phone or in person, depending on each office’s practices and may have the mysterious, insightful discoveries you need to wind up in the right place at the right time—maybe to meet a certain person, perhaps to take an adventure, but, as happens with travel more often than not, almost always to grow.

Whether you believe firmly in psychic ability or consider the concept a kooky but fun way to start an adventure, your greatest trip could be kick-started by a psychic’s ability to open doors you may not have known were there.

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Join a Wildlife Restoration Effort

Tourism, done irresponsibly, can be disrespectful and destructive. We should always be mindful of that impact. Therefore a great reason to travel could be to join in part of a movement against it by joining wildlife restoration or other environmental efforts in tourism-heavy natural places.

Instead of planning a trip to the best water-guzzling golf courses or backpacking through the same hacked-away tract of the rainforest as thousands of other tourists, consider ecotourism targeted to visit small, fragile places and leave a low environmental footprint. Researchers and conservationist groups are in constant need of volunteers, so consider looking into what endangered and wonderful flora and fauna you can see on a trip, not just to look at them, but in an effort to save them.

Remember, too, that your methods of travel to, from, and within your destination matter. Sometimes the most in-need natural places to preserve may be hiding just a hundred or even just ten miles away from you. How can your tourism become truly about the land it’s hosted on?

Travel to Hidden Spaces in Your Own Backyard

Do you know your city? Your county?

Many of us live just hours or less away from forests, lakes, or beautiful cultural centres like Chinatowns. If you feel like you’re running out of ideas for places to escape to in the world, just ask around or even just board a train with your backpack, phone, and hotel money in hand and see what your own country has to offer you. Sometimes it’s these smaller getaways that enable us to find something fresh about our home countries. It’s a great way to connect with people and places you haven’t before. Just remember to be prepared and stay safe and see how far that road takes you.


Wherever you go, travel is only as much about the where as much as it is about the what. Once you have a destination, whether, through mystical insight, ancestral roots, or the throw of a dart, your next journey is just waiting to begin.

If you’re still a bit lost of where to travel to next? Check out the various destinations we have been to and see if any one of them tempt you to visit and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

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