Italy: 6 Compelling Reasons to Visit Lucca

Italy: 6 Compelling Reasons to Visit Lucca

We love Italy. This beautiful country has tempted us back several times. It is a remarkable place that has a lot to offer most travellers. Italy is full of fantastic towns and cities many of which are slightly off the beaten track, which means that they, often, have something a little different to offer. This is certainly true of Lucca. As you will see, there is plenty to do in this stunning medium-sized town.The chance to enjoy a night of opera

Lucca is the birthplace of the opera composers Giacomo Puccini and Alfredo Catalani. So, unsurprisingly, the town celebrates these two stars. It is a fantastic place to enjoy opera.

Lucca opera tickets are not expensive and are easy to buy online. However, if you do want to enjoy the opera in Lucca, you really should book in advance. There are usually only around twelve performances held per month, so the tickets sell out fast, especially during peak season. The town is an especially good place to visit in July and August when the Opera Festival takes place.

Wonderful food in beautiful restaurants

Lucca is right on the doorstep of Emilia Romagna which is known throughout Italy for its culinary delights. The restaurants here certainly take advantage of having some of the best foods right on their doorstep. You will find wonderful food at establishments like Ristorante Giglio, Pan di Strada and Il Grammofono.

L’Imbuto is a world-renowned restaurant that is located in a museum. It is an interesting and wonderful place to eat. Unsurprisingly this Michelin star restaurant gets really busy, so be sure to book.

Piazza Anfiteatro Lucca, Italy

Beautiful buildings within easy walking distance of each other

The main tourist attractions in Lucca are quite close to each other. St Martin’s Cathedral, Saint Michael’s Church and the Palace of the Pfanner family are all stunning. They are all located within the town’s walls.

Stunning and peaceful botanical gardens

A walk around the Orto Botanico Comunale di Lucca is a real treat. This beautiful botanical garden has been delighting the residents of the town since 1820.

A unique urban park and historical site

About 500 years ago, the town of Lucca was surrounded by a defensive wall. Actually, two walls were built, several feet apart. The gap between them is filled with soil. Over the years, a beautiful park that rings the town has been created along the top of the walls. It is a lovely place to spend an hour or two. Hiring a bike and riding the 2.5 miles around it gives you a chance to get some exercise and see the town from a different perspective. It is an excellent place for a bit of people-watching.

Lucca, Italy Skyline

A bijou art lover’s delight

The Lucca Center of Contemporary Art (Lu.C.C.A) may be small but it is packed with delights. Every year, they hold several exhibitions that cover all genres of art. From the reviews, it is clear that they have a knack for putting together exhibitions that delight their visitors. You can find out more about this wonderful venue and about its upcoming exhibitions by clicking this link.

As you can see Lucca has some wonderful experiences to offer its visitors. Right now it is somewhat of a hidden gem, so now is definitely the time to plan a visit there. That way, you will be able to enjoy it before it becomes too busy and touristy.

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