It’s True, Travel Really Is Good For You

Happy Travellers

You love to travel, we get that – so do we! There’s just something about seeing the world, experiencing different cultures, and just letting go of the stresses that come with everyday life that makes travel so exciting. But, you’ve probably always felt like it was something that you did for enjoyment more than anything else.

So much so, that you may have even felt a bit guilty when you’re pulling your travel plans together. People may think that you travel too much, or that you don’t take life seriously because you’re not settled like they are. But that’s not necessarily true. In fact, it can be anything but. Because the reality is, when you travel, you’re doing yourself the world of good.

Up until now, you probably think that this only applies to the enjoyment side of life, but that’s definitely not true. Yes, travel is something that you love, but you only have to take a look at the below infographic to see that you’re benefiting from your travel passion in more ways than just that one.

When you’re busy, stressed, and overworked, you’re not going to be the best employee ever. But when you’ve had a break and you’re all travelled out (for now), you’re better. And it doesn’t stop there. Your health benefits, your relationship also benefits, and we all know that your happiness levels do too – and what’s not to love about that.

So the next time others question your love of travel and taking holidays, show them this…

Infographic designed by: cheaphotels4uk 

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9 thoughts on “It’s True, Travel Really Is Good For You

  1. Ah, thank you for posting this! My fiance and I just booked one way flights to Indonesia and the backlash we’re receiving is crazy from our friends and family. They don’t get it….but we love travel. And this is what we want to do! It’s so important to us so it’s so nice to sometimes see that we’re not wildly crazy.

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    1. You are certainly not wildly crazy, you only get one life and it is for living, surely? It’s a shame your friends and family are not being supportive of your decision. Maybe it’s because they care and will miss you. We love Indonesia, it’s such an amazing part of the world. Have a great (and long) trip and most of all – enjoy every second!!!!! 🙂

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