Guest Post: Beat The Holiday Blues With A Short Vacation

Guest Post: Beat The Holiday Blues With A Short Vacation

Now that the weather has gotten colder, you know that fall is here. That means the winter holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day are not far away. It’s time to get ready for huge parties, family you haven’t seen since last year, and all the stress from shopping, cooking, and more. To be honest, the holidays can be anything but relaxing. That’s why you should book yourself a short vacation during that time. Whether it’s a solo trip, a getaway with your significant other, or visiting with family you actually enjoy, taking a short vacation can be just what you need to relax. That is, if you can travel right way.
Florida Beach Sign - Beat The Holiday Blues

Making Travel Enjoyable

The holidays are expensive enough without having to pay for airline tickets. Yet heading somewhere by plane is a great way to turn a trip into a real vacation. That’s why Skyscanner lists several money-saving tips that can help make things more relaxing for you. You can generally find cheaper tickets if you fly on weekdays, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Flying into alternate airports or taking indirect flights can also save you money.
The flight itself can be stressful too, especially because it can be uncomfortable and boring. To help with this, you should assemble a travel pack with something to read, some healthy snacks, and an inflatable neck rest. And bringing along a spare battery or power charger can help when your phone’s power gets low.

Avoiding Common Vacation Problems

You got the best ticket available, and you’re out on your short holiday trip. To help keep this vacation stress-free, explains you need to be prepared for some common travel problems.
For example, did you know that hotels often overbook their rooms? That’s why you need to guarantee your room with a credit card before leaving. The same is true for car rentals, which is why you need to give them your flight information. This way, they will know if your flight is delayed and won’t give away your car.
But one of the best things you can do to avoid problems and relax on the trip is to do some research. You don’t want to arrive at a great destination with no idea what to do. Before the holidays get too crazy, go online and research fun things to do. While you don’t want to overplan — that will just stress you out — you need something concrete to look forward to.
Beach, Florida - Beat The Holiday Blues

Three Beach Destinations For You

Speaking of research, where should you go? That depends somewhat on what you like to do, but you’ll want to avoid places that are in-season. Going to an overcrowded city or resort is just going to stress you out.
Going off-season is much better, which is why you should consider a beach for your short holiday vacation. With fewer people heading there at this time of year, you’ll find lower prices and smaller crowds. Some great beaches to visit include Destin, FL, the Alabama Beaches, and Panama City Beach, FL. Even if it’s too cold to swim in the ocean, imagine lying on a warm beach without annoying kids or teenagers running around nearby.
Beach Sunset - Beat The Holiday Blues

A Trip Beats The Blues

No matter what typically happens for you around the holidays, it can be stressful and even depressing at times. That’s why you deserve a short vacation. Travel to some underrated, offseason beaches, fly on a weekday if possible, and create a plan to make sure you have the relaxing time you need.
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