Guest Interview – Kirsty Leanne

Guest Interview – Kirsty Leanne

This week’s guest post comes from Kirsty, travel blogger behind Kirsty Leanne. She explains’

  • I’m 24 years old and live in Telford (West Midlands) with my boyfriend and very naughty kitten.
  • My day job is as a Digital Marketing Executive for a local healthcare company.
  • I studied Marketing at University in London for three years, but moved back to the Midlands around the end of 2014.
  • I love absolutely anything to do with America (except Donald Trump) and spent 4 months living in California when I was at University – I’d give anything to go back!
  • My favourite TV shows are Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, How I Met Your Mother, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, 90210, Modern Family, Awkward, Faking It… I could probably carry on for hours.’

1. What is your name and where do you come from?

My name is Kirsty Leanne and I’m from Telford in Shropshire.

2. What sort of traveller are you? Full time / part time / business / backpacker etc?

I have a full-time job in Marketing so I’m only a part-time traveller, for now… 😉

3. How do you fund your travelling?

At the moment I earn money from my blog and extra freelance work, so every penny of that goes towards my travelling. I do, however, always try to find the cheapest possible way to travel, so I can get as many trips as possible into one year (holiday allowance permitting).

4. Where is the best place you have ever been and why?

I’ve tried to narrow this down to just one but I am finding it impossible, so I am going to have to go with my top two.

The first is Wroclaw in Poland. I’ve never been so surprised by a city and it has completely won my heart. The colourful buildings, the friendly people, the overall atmosphere – it’s incredible. If you’re ever looking for a not-so-city city break, I’d 100% recommend it.

The second place is California. I think my heart and soul belong to America and California is by far my favourite State (so far). When I was 19 I spent a couple of months working there and the places I visited, the people I met and the things I got to experience have made me who I am today. I don’t think could ever imagine a place I feel more at home.

5. Where is the worst place you have ever been and why?

I think that’s definitely going to have to be Tijuana in Mexico. I visited with a few friends while I was living in California and it was one hell of an experience. People didn’t care where they were driving on the road, there were bullet holes in buildings and the nightlife was terrifying when you didn’t know the language. I think at one point I was warned not to speak in a particular area as there was a high chance I would be kidnapped as I was British – eeeek!

6. Do you have a Bucket List? If so where are the 3 top places on it?

My bucket list changes every single day as I am forever discovering new places I want to visit.

The top three places on my bucket list at the moment are probably New York, Peru and The Caribbean (is that cheating? I hope not!).

There’s a bit a variation there, but these are definitely the places I’d love to go as soon as possible.

7. What 3 things (apart from the essentials – food/water etc) do you always travel with?

I would be lost without my camera when travelling, I can’t imagine not having the opportunity to capture my travel memories and take them with me where ever I go.

I also always take my phone, as I love to update people on what I’m up to as I travel. Especially on my Instagram and Twitter!

Finally, I always take a guide book for wherever I am travelling! I am so old school when it comes to planning so I always pick up and guide book and as many brochures as I can (if there are any!) when I first arrive.

8. What makes you happy and why?

I love sitting and watching the world go by in a new place. Quite often I’ll find a bench or wall to sit on and people watch, it’s so nice to see how everyone else lives.

9. How long have you been bloggingand why did you start?

I’ve been blogging since January 2015 after leaving my job as a bar manager. I wasn’t happy in my role so I left to find a job in marketing and to help show I had experience, I decided to start a blog. It’s grown a lot since I first started, with my travel focus only really starting in February this year.

10. What makes your blog unique and why should people read it?

I think sometimes I can be a little too honest. Lots of people have the impression that a travel blogger is always up at the break of dawn to get the perfect photos, that they’re always on the go or that they have to be made of money to travel as often as they do.

Me on the other hand, I’ll say when I’ve had KFC because it’s the cheapest option. If I get too drunk, oversleep and miss half a day of plans, I tell people. I don’t make my life travelling out to be something incredible, when really I’m just your average girl trying to see the world.

From ESLT – thank you Kirsty for taking the time to answer our questions. Safe Travels ?

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  1. August 22, 2017 / 8:14 am

    Nice interview ! Love the ‘If I get too drunk, oversleep…’ bit, good to hear of other travellers sometimes experiencing this minor setback lol !.