USA: To Texas!

USA: To Texas!

There are lots of stereotypes associated with the state of Texas. You know the kind of things I’m on about – cowboys, rodeos, deserts, and country music! Sure, some of those stereotypes hold true, but there is also so much more to this awesome state.

Want to discover Texas for yourself? Here are some of my favorite Texan travel tips to help you uncover this southern state’s best bits. So, what are you waiting for? To Texas!

San Antonio

There are lots of big cities in Texas, including Dallas, Austin, and Houston, but there is one that doesn’t share this limelight that is still worth checking out. San Antonio! Book a room at the Navona Live Oak Hotel so that you’re close to both San Antonio and New Braunfels and within striking distance of all the area’s main sights and attractions. One of the most popular attractions in San Antonio has to be the Alamo Missionary, which is soaked in history. While you’re here, it’s also worth checking out the popular Six Flags Fiesta Texas theme park!

Houston Space Center

Houston, we have a problem.” Hopefully, you won’t be admitting that when you visit Houston Space Center! Made famous in the movie Apollo 13, this space center has been important to many of NASA’s world-famous space missions. The center hosts special day camps during school holidays so your little ones can enjoy a day brushing shoulders with real spacemen! There’s plenty to do if you want to visit as a family as well, such as seeing the new Mission Mars exhibit.    

Big Bend National Park

Located in south-west Texas, the Big Bend National Park is a great destination for those who want to explore Texas’s beautiful nature. There are lots of hiking trails that wind through the park, as well as horse riding and cycle paths. There’s also plenty of opportunities to get wet in the canyons as you can join a river trip going through the thrilling rapids! Golf fans will also find a couple of golf courses where they can practice their swing. Some visitors choose to stay in the park as there are various accommodation and dining options on site.

South Padre Island

Did you think you have to stay on the mainland to make the most of Texas? Not at all! Why not take a trip out to South Padre Island? This is a great destination for people who love high-adrenalin activities, such as skydiving and tandem jumping. You’ll also get the chance to come face to face with some local wildlife, like turtles and birds. The American Diving company will also take you down into the deep blue ocean to see what type of wild sea life you can find!

As you can see, there is a lot more to Texas than just cowboys and ho-downs! A trip to this amazing state will be packed full of exciting activities and attractions. So, what are you waiting for? Time to book your next trip to Texas right now!

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