How To Eat Your Way Across Asia

If travelling is your thing then you are likely to have a good couple of countries from Asia on your bucket list. Asia is the largest continent on earth offering up countries such as Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and Japan. With such diversity so too comes culinary differences. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest, and weirdest, places to eat in Asia.

Kabul, Afghanistan

Ok, visiting a war torn country isn’t top of most people’s bucket list. However, there has been a rise in tourism to Afghanistan in the last 5 years. Whilst control is passed slowly back to the Afghan National Police (ANP) a growing number of Aid workers continue to live there. This has lead to the country offering a more western style of food within the capital of Kabul. Most recently, Mr Cod. It’s not a particularly likely place to find a British Fish and Chip shop given that the country is landlocked, however since opening in Kabul it has had rave reviews. Mr Cod has to go down as one of the craziest cuisine concepts in Asia and is a far cry from the fine dining of Dubai!


Ok, this is ever so slightly a cheat as is an online shop based in Singapore. This isn’t quite what you would expect. Time Out magazine rated it as Singapore’s best cake shop. What cakes do they sell? We hear you cry. Cheesecake. That’s right, you heard us. Often thought of as an american classic, the cheesecake actually originates from Greece and Asia has a pretty mean variation on the traditional version. Flavours are slightly less sweet here. However according to a pretty good source of local knowledge Cat and the Fiddle cater for all tastes.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan can be pretty tricky to negotiate for the hungry traveller. The Japanese are notorious for some pretty funky recipes and you can get things very wrong. It doesn’t help that the country tends not to offer a translation in it’s restaurants so you can end up ordering a stone cold omelette which, from experience, is not a breakfast that hits the spot for most western palettes. In Japan you cannot go wrong with Kobo Beef. It is a prime cut of marbled beef cooked to perfection (Some might disagree that it’s actually cooked) and one of the best places to try it is Aronia de Takazawa. This is one of Japan’s most talked about secrets and given the restaurant only sits up to 8 people per night, it really is a secret most people do only talk about. Well worth getting in on the whispers though, if you can!

Regardless of where you go in Asia you must try the street food. Yes, it’s going to be pretty crazy in some parts, but food on the street is made from the heart and will teach you about the incredible flavour and passion of this amazing continent. Regardless of how for north or south you are, the soul of Asia lies within it’s fascinating and beautiful people. So let their food do the talking. Bon Apetit! Or as they say in Japan, Itadakimasu!

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