Africa: For Variety

Africa: For Variety

Are you someone who gets boards quickly? You probably are otherwise you wouldn’t have the wanderlust that keeps you visiting places all over the world. That means you need your next holiday location to full of variety. That is why you should pick somewhere in Africa!

Africa is the perfect destination for your next visit because simply there is so much variety on offer there. You can take a beach holiday and relax. Or you can explore nature and have to up close and personal wildlife experiences. You can even enjoy the different cultures and cuisines that are on offer. So read on to find out more about the amazing things you can spend your time doing when you are visiting the continent of Africa.

Beach holidays

So there is plenty places on the continent of Africa where you can enjoy the sunshine, hot climates and the luxury of a beach holiday. Get your location right, and you can expect clear blue ocean, packed full of colourful and exotic fish. As well as white sandy beaches and palm trees. Popular beach locations for African breaks include the island of Mauritius, Egypt’s Coast, Morocco and Tunisia.

Working Breaks

Another sort of break that you can have when visiting Africa is a working holiday. OK, so these might not be quite as relaxing or luxurious as a beach holiday but they are worthwhile and meaningful. This is because you get to live in a community of people who are all striving for the same goal and to do something that benefits the people who live there.

You can choose to help out with schooling, teaching English language or computer literacy. Or just caring for children in the orphanages over there.

You may also want to get involved with some of the conservation efforts going on which are ensuring that the wild places and the animals that live in them, will be around for generations to come.

Location wise, many people choose to volunteer in Ghana. Although there are other countries that also have well established links to the UK regarding volunteering programs.


A totally different type of holiday again, and one that Africa is probably best known for is a safari break. This is when you take some time to tour the more wild and rural places in Africa, looking for big game animals like lions and zebras.

You are likely to see other creatures too, such as monkeys, buffalo, and even crocodiles. That means that Safaris, although extremely safety conscious, do have an element of danger associated with them. That’s why it is best to go out with an experienced and well recognised outfit, that knows exactly what they are doing in the African bushland.

Adventure Holidays

Apart from a safari, there are plenty of other activities that you can do on a break in Africa that will get your adrenaline pumping. For example, why not try white water rafting along the Molenaars River? Or bungee jumping off the world’s highest bridge? The famous Bloukrans Bungy. You’re guaranteed to not get bored if you schedule in this type of activity!  

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  1. AlicevstheWorld
    January 17, 2017 / 9:12 am

    I’d love to travel to Africa one day, it’s awesome to hear about all the different kids of options!

    • January 19, 2017 / 6:33 pm

      It is an amazing continent. Mr ESLT has been to a number of the ‘not so safe countries’ and loved his time there. So many options depending on your taste. I really want to go back and do a safari but it’s deciding where. I also loved Egypt, hopefully the tourism trade will return in full force there as it is stunningly beautiful and has so much history too

  2. January 17, 2017 / 12:43 pm

    Safaris are for us! Just read someone do a 49D journey from Kenya through Tanzania then Uganda and across the Congo to Namibia, before ending in S.A. Wow. That would be THE journey!

    • January 19, 2017 / 6:31 pm

      That would be THE journey no doubt! Wish I could allocate that much time to do something as wonderful as that, it sounds amazing! Love seeing animals in their natural habitat!

      • January 20, 2017 / 2:57 am

        that’s why its in the bucket list. Must do before we expire! LOL

  3. January 19, 2017 / 2:21 pm

    Africa is amazing! Im planning to go to Kenya in a few months!

    • January 19, 2017 / 6:29 pm

      Very jealous. Are you planning on taking a safari? Mr ESLT has been to Kenya but it is still on my list of places to visit. I look forward to reading about your trip! Safe travels

      • January 25, 2017 / 6:53 am

        Yes definitely doing safari, does Mr Eslt have any recommendations? Thanks

  4. January 19, 2017 / 6:30 pm

    Thank you! I’ll be sure to check it out, it’s an amazing place!

  5. January 28, 2017 / 9:25 am

    I would anytime go for a safari! stay in touch, following!