France: Why You Have To Visit The French Alps In Your Lifetime

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The beautiful French Alps are by far the most beautiful and awe-inspiring destination in France, or maybe even Europe. The dramatic scenery includes rushing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, breathtaking mountains, and alpine forests as far as the eye can see, and the picturesque little villages make great places to explore. From skiing to Chateau hunting, there’s something for everyone, which makes it an absolute must-visit for families or couples.

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Mountain climbing

The French Alps is especially great for anyone with a love of physical activity and the outdoors. Mont Blanc, meaning white mountain, is the highest peak in the Alps. The area offers incredible walks and climbs for anyone with a head for heights and a love for a challenge. The most popular route called the Voie des Cristalliers, starts from Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains and takes two days with a shelter point halfway up the mountain.


When people think of Alps, they usually think of skiing. The slopes are world famous, and top quality. The beautiful ski resort of Meribel in the Tarentaise Valley is a quintessential alpine village. The area is famous for its world-class ski slopes and a must-visit for anyone that is partial to a bit of skiing or snowboarding. With beautiful chalets, a fantastic apres-ski scene, and mind-blowing views, it’s not difficult to see why it’s so popular. The luxurious hotels are beautiful and cozy, and an absolute must when considering where to stay in Meribel.

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The Food

If you’re a fan of cheese, wine, or chocolate, the French Alps are for you. The local cheeses are rich and pair perfectly with the cured meats from the region. The mountains are also great for wild mushrooms, strawberries, and raspberries, so the food is super fresh. Try the local delicacy, tourtons, which are small squares of pastry filled with cheese, potato, and onion and then deep fried – they’re heavenly.

Catch the Tour

If you’re in the area at the right time of year – usually early to mid-July – you might be lucky enough to catch a flash of color from the country’s world-famous Tour de France. All of the best road cyclists come together to go head to head in one of the world’s biggest tests of endurance that covers vast areas of France. But it isn’t surprising that the dramatic scenery of the French Alps mean their routes return year on year. The atmosphere around the spectators is electric, so if you’re in the area at the right time it’s an absolute must-see

Visit the chateaus

The French Alps are rich with history, the area having been contested by many different sovereignties throughout history, so it’s not surprising that the regal architecture is something else. Wherever you choose to stay in the Alps, you’ll have magnificent chateaus on your doorstep, and they’re great for a wander around and a spot of lunch and shopping for souvenirs in the local villages.

Photographs really can’t do justice to the beauty of the French Alps. With so much to see and explore, and such incredible skiing available, it has to be one of the places you visit in your lifetime.

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6 thoughts on “France: Why You Have To Visit The French Alps In Your Lifetime

  1. I love that Meribel was mentioned, most people stick with Val D’Isere, but that was where I worked during my ski season and I love it (although it was a fairly long time ago now). Also in the food section I would add the joys of a fondue (cheese or my favourite beef) or a pierre chaud which is the ultimate group food experience in my opinion. Anyway, just off to look at an Alpine holiday in February now…


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