Guest Post: Asia: How to Be Successful in a Motorcycle Trip

Guest Post: Asia: How to Be Successful in a Motorcycle Trip

How to Be Successful in a Motorcycle Trip in Asia - Guest Post, Laura Knight

Travelling by motorcycle is physically demanding and exhausting. It however comes with a certain feeling of freedom that any traveller will appreciate. When you decide to go on a trip around Asia on a motorcycle, you will be able to see the features better and even breathe the Asian air better. You can fully immerse yourself in the scenery before you and easily interact with the people around. Unlike travelling by car, a motorcycle gives you the freedom you want in that trip you have been planning for so long. For those who want to go alone, becoming a motorcycle traveller is a good option compared to using a car. This is not to say that those who are going for the trip in groups cannot use motorcycles. They can and it will be equally fun. You can even race on the roads and make the trip even more memorable. What is more? A motorbike, as the Asians commonly call it, is able to go through rough and narrow trails so you will be able to see more of Asia. It is also more economical so if you are travelling on a budget this is the way to go.

So, have you decided that motorcycle travel is the way to go around Asia? Here are some things you need to know. With these tips your trip will be successful and among the best you will ever have.

Be sure you can Ride for LongHow to Be Successful in a Motorcycle Trip in Asia - Guest Post, Laura Knight

If you rarely ride a motorcycle back home you may want to reconsider using one on your trip. Remember that during the trip you will be riding most of the time. Be sure that you can ride safely and for long periods of time before embarking on the journey. It is advisable to start early practice and even get a certification test to measure your skills.

Get the necessary motorcycle gear

For you to be safe and comfortable while travelling by motorcycle, you must have the necessary motorcycle gear. You could purchase these from home and carry them with you. Ensure you have comfortable motorcycle boots, a comfortable jacket and a good quality helmet, preferably a snowmobile helmet. Ensure all the gear you have fits you well and is made of quality material.

How to Be Successful in a Motorcycle Trip in Asia - Guest Post, Laura Knight

Plan your itinerary

You do not want to get to Asia only to be stranded not knowing where to start. Make a rough plan on where to start and which route to follow. Be sure to leave room for some adventure though. As you plan on the places to visit, check the weather forecasts for the days you will be there and confirm the security details as well.

Find a good bike

When you arrive, the first thing to do is find a good bike. There are so many options here that will cost differently depending on the brand and location. A good choice is the Minsk which you can find a brand new one for about $700. It will be able to handle any dirt road be it muddy or super dusty. If this cost is too high you can opt for a second hand one which you can get for as low as $200. Be sure to carry your best bargaining skills with you when you go to Asia as this will determine how cheap your trip will be especially buying the motorcycle. Ensure that the bike is of good quality though.

Get some tools and spares that will come in handy in repairing any problems with the motorcycle as you hit the road.

How to Be Successful in a Motorcycle Trip in Asia - Guest Post, Laura Knight

Hit the Road one step at a time

With your motorcycle ready for use you can now hit the road and get going. The Asian world is now yours to explore with nothing to stop you. Ride at a pace you can see the beautiful landscape and enjoy the moment. The good thing with being a motorcycle traveller is that you are free to stop as you wish. One thing that can make motorcycle travellers have a terrible trip is riding with the fear of the unknown. Do not ride thinking that you will soon have a puncture to deal with or that a storm is coming soon. Instead, focus on the moment and be open to many possibilities. There will be some setbacks and delays; all you have to do is accept these and take them positively. They will spice up your trip and give you some fond memories to look back at.

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