Lapland: Dreaming Of A White Christmas? Why It's Time To Start Saving

Lapland: Dreaming Of A White Christmas? Why It's Time To Start Saving

The weather in the UK is unpredictable at the best of times. You spend all summer hoping for sun, for it to arrive a little later than planned in autumn. You dream of a snowy festive break, only to be inundated with the white powdery stuff in March. As the winter draws closer, our minds inevitably turn to Christmas. How will you be celebrating in the coming years? If you’re looking for something spectacular, why not start saving for the trip of a lifetime in Lapland?
The best reasons to visit Lapland this winter

Guaranteed snow

When it snows in the UK, we tend to get a thin smattering, which quickly turns to sludge. In Lapland, you’re guaranteed snow and not the sort that hangs around for an hour or so. Think thick layers of pristine white snow glistening in the afternoon light. You can throw snowballs, build snowmen, and make snow angels to your heart’s content.

The magic of meeting Father Christmas and his reindeer

Every child (and some 33 year old women – mentioning no names) dreams of meeting Father Christmas and his reindeer. Lapland is a place where dreams come true, and kids enjoy experiences that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Get ready to watch their faces light up, as they marvel at the scenery and set eyes on the big man and his real-life reindeer team. Take a trip around the workshop, hang out with the elves, and feed Rudolph and his gang.

Exhilarating outdoor activities

Lapland is famed for magical Christmas holidays. But it’s not all about Santa Claus and cosying up in log cabins. There’s a whole range of activities on offer if you’re feeling adventurous. A husky safari is highly recommended for wildlife enthusiasts eager to enjoy the views and a healthy dose of adrenaline. Snowmobiling is a fantastic choice for those looking to get their pulse racing. Ice fishing, cross-country skiing, and whale watching are other examples of pursuits on offer.

Seeing the Northern Lights

If you’re booking with an award winning family activity holiday operator, you can usually add extras to your trip. One excursion you may wish to include in your travel plans is a Northern Lights tour. The lights are visible when there are clear, dark skies and activity in the Aurora. You can see the Northern Lights in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian Lapland. If you organise a tour, your guide will take you to the best viewing spots. They can use weather and aurora forecasts to determine the possibility of seeing the lights during your stay. You can often choose from small group tours or larger coach trips. Make sure you wrap up warm!

Sadly, you can’t always guarantee a white Christmas here in the UK. If this is top of your wish list for 2016, it may be time to start thinking of winter breaks. If you’re desperate to capture the magic of Christmas and try some snow sports, Lapland won’t disappoint. This is a unique holiday, which will provide you and your children with lifelong memories to treasure.

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