Australia: Australia Zoo!

Australia Zoo - Home of the Crocodile Hunter

Just a quick post about a great day you can have whether you are staying on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane……..IMG_2746 I’ve always been a fan of animals, preferably in the wild were possible. I used to think all zoos where there to look after and care for animals that weren’t able to look after themselves in the wild and also to facilitate breeding programmes where possible. And so, in my naivety, over the years I have visited zoos all around the world. However, following the highly publicised case of Marius, the healthy giraffe at Copenhagen Zoo followed shortly after by the culling of four lions (two adults and two cubs) at the same zoo my opinion on and willingness to visit zoos changed quickly. You may have differing views on the Copenhagen case and I know that they argue that the culling was to stop inbreeding. Well in that case why not ship the animals off to other zoos? I believe offers had been made for them.

Australia Zoo
Australia Zoo

Anywho….I digress. That being said I felt before visiting Australia Zoo that this would be a different experience and now I have visited I know it certainly is. Having watched Steve Irwin on the television when I was younger it was evident that he was all for conservation. Australia Zoo, Home of the Crocodile Hunter is located on Steve Irwin Way formerly the Glass House Mountain Tourist Route, Queensland approximately an hour by car north of Brisbane. We visited during half term at the end of September which meant that there were loads of kids visiting on the same day too. We arrived early morning just after the 9.00am opening time by which point the car park was already filling up quickly. I had bought tickets on-line before our visit which cost $59 (approximately £31) which meant a shorter queue to get in.

Giraffe at Australia Zoo
Giraffe at Australia Zoo

There are lots of animals to see including giraffes, tigers, zebra, rhinos and of course koalas and kangaroos all of which are in large spacious enclosures ensuring that the animals have plenty of room. The zoo itself is quite large and you could spend a full day here walking around. However if you are short on time or have mobility issues there is a safari shuttle that you can jump on. You can take your own food into the zoo however there is a large food court which seemed to serve every type of food you can imagine, where you can buy your lunch from if you want. There are also a number of animal shows that you can catch throughout the day. During our visit we caught the Wildlife Warriors show at noon. As it was school holidays Bindi and Robert Irwin joined Terri Irwin in the show which featured birds, snakes and ma-hoo-sive crocodiles!!!!

Croc show at Australia Zoo
Croc show at Australia Zoo

We only spent half a day here as we needed to get to Byron Bay before sunset however if we had, had more time I can guarantee we would have spent the full day exploring…….   What are your thoughts regarding zoos? Have you ever been to Australia zoo?



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