The Best Accessories For Your Next Hiking Adventure

When you go hiking, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, there are certain things that you must have to make the most out of your adventure. It is also important that you are prepared for almost all eventualities. You will need to pack certain essentials to ensure your trip is a wonderful experience. Therefore, we have put together the following list of the top 8 accessories that you should take along on your next hiking adventure: Advertisements


Thrill Seeker? Check Out These 8 Experiences

Some people love nothing more than chilling out when on holiday. The idea of a sun lounger, a swimming pool and a cocktail in hand, fills them with joy. Others, on the other hand, are true adrenaline junkies or thrill seeker who cannot sit still and sniff out opportunities to get their blood pumping the first chance they get. We personally fall somewhere in between. We love combining adventure with relaxation and always try to incorporate both during our trips.

5 Ways to Ensure You Stay Safe When Travelling

Travelling is great, isn’t it? We love nothing more than visiting a new destination and exploring and eating our way around it. Taking around 12 trips per year, we have over the 12 years we have been travelling together certainly racked up the countries we’ve visited. It is vital that we stay safe when travelling. Even though we travel as a couple, that does not mean we are safer than solo travellers. And we also certainly don’t buy into the whole…

Fun Ways To Choose Your Next Travel Destination

Travel is essential to understanding the world around us: its environments and people, the variety of cultures and their richness in life. But whether you’re a well-seasoned traveller, have just finally saved up enough for that around the world ticket or simply planning a short holiday, it can be daunting deciding where to visit. Make your decision regarding your next travel destination easier and possibly more fun by choosing one of the following reasons:

What to Know About Travelling on the Cheap

Are pictures of exotic destinations popping up across social media, showing your friends having a blast while you think about all the bills due this month? Travelling, whether near or far, is a goal for many people. Unfortunately, sometimes the price tag associated with travelling tends to deter many hopefuls. When you have to buy flights, meals, accommodation, tours, food, souvenirs, resort fees, and more, your dream trip can quickly turn into a bank account nightmare. Thankfully, there are plenty…

Easy Ways to Stay in Shape While Travelling

It’s all too easy to let your regular exercise routine go out the window when you’re travelling, especially if you’re away for a long time. But routines are useful to have. They keep us grounded and they can be comforting when you’re miles away from home. In the case of exercise, staying in shape is good for your health and can also do wonders for your mood. Luckily, getting enough exercise when you travel is more straightforward than you might expect, even…

Business Travel Tips and Tricks

Frequent business trips can quickly take their toll. Therefore, business travellers should find ways to ensure every trip can be as comfortable and successful as possible. Whether you need a professional business environment in order to handle presentations or if you need to pitch a new product to potential investors and clients when on the road. Or perhaps you just need to find ways to make packing for an upcoming trip less of an ordeal? Whatever the case, a few…

Is Business Travel Insurance Worth It?

If you travel for work you’ll know that an important business trip has enough pressure surrounding it without external problems factoring in. Flight delays, cancellations, illness – hopefully, it will not happen, but the fact is that it could happen. Business travel is distinct from leisure, family or personal trips, and the factors that must be covered are different as a result.

What Kind of Trip Should You Take Next?

Summer holiday season is in full swing so you may be considering what type of trip to take next if you don’t already have something booked of course. There are several options when it comes to planning your next trip. If you want to change up your holiday style or location, the following ideas can help you choose which type of holiday will be the best option for your next trip, both close to home and long haul.

Top 5 Extraordinary Spas Around The World

There are spas, and then there are extraordinary spas – those that tantalise with something a little bit special and out of the ordinary. We love nothing more than enjoying some ‘me’ time and there is no better place to indulge in that than at a spa. Therefore, here we list our top 5 most interesting and quirky spas around the world:

Consider Auto Transport To Allow Your Car To Travel With You

What is more enjoyable than extended travels? Well, saving money and having optimal convenience while you travel, of course! Whether you’re temporarily moving to the opposite side of the country, another country – or anywhere in the world, really – it’s always great fun to have the freedom to explore at your leisure because if you are like us, you love a road trip. Therefore, have you considered Auto Transport and taking your own car with you when you travel?

Want A Unique Holiday? Consider These 5 Less Travelled Locations

The best plans are holiday plans, and with a world full of foreign destinations, travellers have unlimited options to select from for their getaways. Before booking that trip to the usual summer hotspots, you should consider the world’s less travelled destinations. They are the places that are not on everyone’s list. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to talk about a place that no one else has been?

5 Ways To Make Money For Your Travels

There are so many articles on the internet about how you can save money for your travels. Most centre around knocking the daily Starbucks double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Non-fat Decaf Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended, One Sweet’N Low and One NutraSweet and Ice (according to Google this is the longest order ever) on the head. Which yeah would save you 3(ish) pounds a day. However, if you are like…

How Travel Has Broadened Our Horizons

It is a well know fact that travel can make you a more well-rounded person. And if you are privileged enough to travel, it allows you to delve into and learn about new cultures, traditions and cuisines.  For us, travel is something we relish and have to do. We feel that the experiences travel has given us over the years have made us more patient, friendly and appreciative people. The things we have seen and experienced, we feel, now allow…

7 Ways To Reduce Stress When Preparing For A Flight

Flying is something that many people do not like to do. For some people, like me, it is an actual fear of flying. Whereas for others it is because of the stress that is involved in it. There are a number of things you need to consider when taking a flight, from the second that you book it right through to when you actually take your seat. This can be very stressful for a number of people. However, there are…

Protecting Ourselves & Our Property Against Acts of Terror

Not only am I a travel blogger but I am also an Emergency Planning professional. What’s that? Well, basically I write plans for when bad things happen i.e. floods, pandemics, and severe weather. I also write plans on how to respond to terrorist-related attacks and acts of terror. That of course in no way makes me an ‘expert’ on ways to prevent something from happening. However, after 14 years during the job, I do have a lot of knowledge on ways…

Guest Post: What to Do If Your Car Breaks Down In a Foreign Country

When you’re traveling abroad, so many things are uncertain. That’s part of what makes it exciting, but uncertainty can also cause some frustration when you’re dealing with emergency situations. For example, do you know what to do if your car breaks down in a foreign country? Most people don’t. Fortunately, many things are the same across borders.

Adventure Planning? Don’t Rule Out These Destinations

There are some really great destinations dotted around the world. We’re talking about the destinations that are most popular, the ones that people all over the world are obsessed with visiting. But, there are also some countries that many people seem to avoid. Whether it’s because they don’t think the country has much to offer, or it wouldn’t be family friendly. However, before you rule out a destination, we urge you to take a few minutes to read this article.…

Why and How We Stick To A Schedule When Travelling

As we are part-time travellers due to having full-time work commitments, it is important for us to use our annual leave days wisely. This is to ensure we fit in as many trips per year as possible. By utilising weekends and bank holidays we take at least one, quite often two trips per month. However, most of which are only 2 or 3 nights. Therefore we need to ensure we cram in as much as we can in that time in…

Budgeting For a Long Distance Road Trip

A road trip can be a great option for your next holiday. Road trips provide you with the ability to see the country, spend an extended amount of time with friends and family, and make some lasting memories. However, if you’re not careful, this type of trip can get pretty pricey. To save money on your road trip costs, make a budget using some of the tips below as a guide:

Ways To Ensure You Stay Healthy On Holiday

As the summer holiday season fast approaches, if you are anything like us, you are starting to get excited about your next adventure. We are heading to The Balkans for two weeks of fun in the sun and we cannot wait. In fact, we have already grabbed the big cases out of the loft and have made lists of what we will be packing. We love the feeling that travelling gives us – seeing new places, experiencing new cuisines and…