Planning The Perfect Honeymoon in 2018

Are you getting married this year? Congratulations if you are! Research shows that amongst couples who choose a traditional wedding, 99% of them go on a honeymoon — it’s all part of the wedding experience and a much-needed break after the excitement (and stress) of the big day. In the…


10 Dream Travel Destinations For The Next 10 Years

After posting yesterday’s post – Top 10 Travel Destinations Over The Last 10 Years, it got me thinking where the next 10 years would take Mr ESLT and I if we are lucky enough to be able to carry on travelling the world the way we do now. Over the past…

Get Away From It All: Blissful Island Paradise Breaks You'll Love

They say “No man is an island” and, although that’s geographically accurate, is it true in the way they mean it? What they mean of course is that no-one can survive without making connections. People need friends. But there are those of us who actually prefer to be less connected.