Plan & Prepare to Mitigate a Medical Emergency

We’ve looked at ways to mitigate a travel emergency before. All the things we mentioned then related to issues like your luggage going missing, losing your cash card, or your phone battery running out. It is, however, important to remember that medical emergencies can also happen while travelling, especially if you already have…


How Can I Stay Safe and Healthy While Travelling?

Having the opportunity to travel is a wonderful thing and one that can broaden your point of view and open your life to new experiences and delightful people. As with anything else in life, travelling also has its drawbacks which must be considered before you embark on your adventure. These…

Guest Post: Can You Really Stay Healthy While Traveling?

When we go on vacation, we often let some of our healthier habits slide. Not on purpose, but because we are just too busy enjoying our free time, thinking about what we want to do and making sure we’ve taken care of all arrangements.