Europe: Our 5 Favourite Beach Destinations

It’s that time of year again! Yes, it’s time to plan a summer holiday. Being the over planners that we are, we have already got ours in the bag. July will see us heading The Balkans – Montenegro, Croatia and Albania to be precise. We are of course looking forward…


Europe: Head To The Med, The Top Places To Visit For A Mediterranean Holiday

When planning a holiday to southern Europe, you’re practically spoilt for choice. For those wanting the best balance of sun, culture, nightlife and scenery, here are some of the top all-rounders worth visiting.

10 Dream Travel Destinations For The Next 10 Years

After posting yesterday’s post – Top 10 Travel Destinations Over The Last 10 Years, it got me thinking where the next 10 years would take Mr ESLT and I if we are lucky enough to be able to carry on travelling the world the way we do now. Over the past…