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UK Blog Awards 2017 Public Vote – NOW OPEN!

Hi guys, just a short but very important post today –

Last year, after less than a year of blogging, we entered the UK Blog Awards 2016 in the travel category and were absolutely gobsmacked to get through to the final 10. We had less than 100 blog posts under our belts and didn’t really have a clue what we were doing. We donned our finery and attended the awards ceremony which was held in London back in April and had a truly amazing time (and we drank a LOT of fizz!) Even though we didn’t walk away with one of the funky winners statues we were honoured just to be there in the first place. We feel that being able to class ourselves as UKBA16 Finalists has really boosted our credibility as bloggers which has given us so many wonderful opportunities over the past year.

Since last year we have worked our little socks off to try to produce interesting and engaging content which hopefully you, our readers enjoy(?) We’re a ‘normal’(ish) couple who try to show that you can work full time and still travel extensively. So here we are, back again, asking for your support in the UK Blog Awards 2017 although this time someone nominated us – thank you, you know who you are! We would love it if you could take just a few seconds to support us in the public vote phase of the competition. All you need to do is click HERE and enter your name and email address – it’s as simple as that. You can only vote once per email address and the deadline is Monday 19th December 2016.


We are in the mix with some MA-HOO-SIVE big hitters in the blogging world which is very intimidating, especially the full-time, fully sponsored bloggers out there. We’d love to walk away with the trophy to prove that anyone, who has a passion and works hard can! Also, Eat Sleep Love Travel turns 2 years old on 17th December – so what a perfect present your vote would be 🙂

Thank you in advance (and much love!)

Vicky & Chris x


4 comments on “UK Blog Awards 2017 Public Vote – NOW OPEN!

  1. Voted on all five email addresses, plus shared on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Good luck! You put so much time and effort into your blog, you deserve some recognition! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Done. my vote has now been registered ;)!! Good luck my frineds. I hope to be the number one travel blog this year!! I am very proud to be guest writer in your blog 🙂


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