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Yorkshire: Sunday Lunch at The Grainary, Scarborough

Pork Loin at The Grainary

Mr ESLT and I are busy bees and often find it difficult to sit and have a meal together. We have active social lives, Mr ESLT works on a shift basis and we travel as often as possible. So when we have a free Sunday we love nothing more than to indulge in Sunday Lunch. So last weekend we scheduled a lunch date at The Grainary, Harewood Dale near Scarborough, North Yorkshire. We recently had the pleasure of staying at The Grainary overnight and spotted their Sunday Lunch menu. So we booked a table for last Sunday eager to try what was on offer. We invited my nana (and her dog) along for the ride.

Welcome to The Grainary
Welcome to The Grainary

The sun was shining and our tummies were rumbling as we pulled up to the Grainary. Families were milling around enjoying the British weather, playing in the children’s playground, walking around the farm and of course cooing over the animals. As we had the dog with us we were seated in the back dining room as opposed to the dog-free conservatory which offers views over the dale. I was informed of this when I had booked and was absolutely fine with it. The fact that they are dog friendly in the first place gets a big thumbs up from me.

Mr ESLT at The Grainary
Mr ESLT at The Grainary

Having skipped breakfast we were ready for a feast and a feast is what we got!

With set prices for 1, 2 or 3 course meals* we opted for 2 courses each – starter and main with the option to add dessert at the end if there was still room. My nana gets put off by food piled on her plate so it was great to see the option for smaller portions which was perfect for her smaller appetite.


Mr ESLT – Prawn Pate and Brown Toast

Prawn Pate at The Grainary
Prawn Pate at The Grainary

Me – Halloumi Cheese Kababs served with Salad

Hallumi Cheese Kababs
Hallumi Cheese Kababs at The Grainary

Nana – Homemade Soup of The Day – Moroccan Carrot

Morrccan Carrot Soup
Moroccan Carrot Soup at The Grainary


Mr ESLT – Chicken served with Bacon wrapped Sausage

Chicken Sunday Lunch at The Grainary
Chicken Sunday Lunch at The Grainary

Me – Stuffed Peppers with Rice and Salad

Stuffed Peppers at The Grainary
Stuffed Peppers at The Grainary

Nana –  “Trotters” Outdoor Reared Pork Loin, Sage Stuffing and Crackling

Pork Loin at The Grainary
Pork Loin at The Grainary

The main courses came with separate bowls of various vegetables which meant we could have as many or as few as we wanted. Even though I had the vegetarian option there was no way I wasn’t having some of the amazing Yorkshire Pudding on Mr ESLT’s plate and demanded he share it with me. I’ll be honest I’m not that great at making Yorkshire puddings – I can never get them to rise and have on occasion fallen back on trusty frozen ones. If I could make Yorkshire Puddings like the ones served at The Grainary I would have them for every meal.

Vegatables at The Grainary
Vegetables at The Grainary

Even though I was full to the brim my sweet tooth couldn’t resist the chocolate brownie sundae which was on the menu. I did have intentions of sharing it with Mr ESLT and asked for two spoons. I did allow him one spoonful therefore I technically did share it but that’s all he was having 🙂

Chocolate Brownie Sundae at The Grainary
Chocolate Brownie Sundae at The Grainary

We genuinely loved everything, it was the perfect Sunday lunch – great company, great food and in great surroundings. My nana is quite a fussy eater and even she gave it the seal of approval (which is high praise indeed). The quantity and quality of the food was amazing making it great value for money. We can’t wait to return in the near future!

Advance booking is recommended.

  • Main Course – £10.00
  • Two Courses – £14.00
  • Three Courses – £18.00




3 comments on “Yorkshire: Sunday Lunch at The Grainary, Scarborough

  1. Awh I love it at The Grainary, Especially for Sunday Roasts! I need to go back soon! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s such a lovely place! I love going and seeing the animals….oh and the food is sooo delish! I need to go again to try the scrummy looking afternoon tea! Maybe we could have a bloggers meet there! That would be fab x


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