The Netherlands: Amsterdam With Hilton’s Summer Sale

Amsterdam from the Skylounge

I’ve written before about my love of Amsterdam and the fact that I have visited this fantastic city 8 times. There are so many things to do for everyone with one of the largest historical city centres in Europe. I personally love the history, culture and (yummy) food that Amsterdam has to offer. With amazing museums including Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum, amazing architecture to marvel at, especially in Dam Square, numerous restaurants and countless canals to walk down or cruise on one day is never enough. As with many European cities, I’ll be honest summer is the best time to visit. This city is definitely a city that is best seen on foot, or bicycle, it is Amsterdam after all, so warm, dry weather is always a bonus and you will more often than not experience this in The Netherlands over the summer months.

With regards to food there are so many dishes you should try whilst in Amsterdam including:-

  • Bitterballen – which are savory bites that are battered in a crunchy breadcrumb coating and filled with chopped beef, beef broth, flour, butter, herbs and spices. They are usually served with mustard for dipping and a great snack to accompany beer.
  • Hollandse Nieuwe Haring – A traditional dish of raw herring fish which is served with chopped onions and bread.
  • Stroopwafels – (syrup waffle) which is a sweet wafer biscuit (cookie) with a syrup filling. Best eaten with a cup of coffee. Perfectly sized to place on the top of your cup. Leave for a minute or so and let the steam from your drink melt the syrup so it is lovely and gooey when you eat it.

I think there are price perceptions with regards to accommodation in Amsterdam and that maybe puts people, especially budget travellers, off visiting the city. However, looking at the five Hilton hotels (four different brands) in Amsterdam it’s evident that there is a hotel for any budget. As part time travelling DINKS (Double Income No Kids) we usually have a little bit more to spend on accommodation than backpackers and full time travellers. Therefore, the Amsterdam Double Tree by Hilton Centraal Station (check it out on twitter) ticks all the boxes for us –

  • Close to main tourist attractions
  • Authentic, local ‘buzz’
  • Central location next to the train station
  • SkyLounge
  • Tech-driven e.g. Macs rather than TVs
  • Theme nights, live music
  • Starbucks on site
Amsterdam from the Skylounge
Amsterdam from the Skylounge

If pennies are precious check out Hampton by Hilton and if you have a little bit more cash to splash then the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam may be for you. At the moment Hilton are holding a Summer Sale which means you can get more for your money.

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